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02:27:19BlueMatt:lololol...first payment for coingen...jesuscoin
02:27:50BlueMatt:well, ok, second to nexuscoin...how much you wanna bet thats copyright infringement?
02:28:17kyrio:bluematt, give me some free coin generation
02:28:22kyrio:i want to make Meinkoin
02:28:35kyrio:neonazis need love too
02:28:56kyrio:someone stole my shekels coin idea =/
02:29:51kyrio:i was going to release them both at the same time
02:30:20sipa:can you take this to #bitcoin or something? :p
02:30:55BlueMatt:sorry, /me was trying to keep coingen here while it was still in early alpha, but considering its already out there, oh well
02:31:14justanotheruser:BlueMatt is nexus copyrighted? Blade Runner used "nexus" in '82 way before the Nexus came out
02:32:02justanotheruser:BlueMatt: anyways you have 2 people already making coins?
02:32:38sipa:well, i don't care about coingen itself, it's sort of fun to trivialize altcoins
02:32:54sipa:but when someone is actually serious about using it...
02:33:07BlueMatt:well it has to be used before altcoins are actually trivial...
02:33:49sipa:a "make random bitflips in the source code until it compiles" option would be fun
02:34:24justanotheruser:a coingen could make a lot of money
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06:12:54gmaxwell:jgarzik: second thoughts yet? http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1uagqx/if_you_dont_know_bitcoin_has_just_included_an/
06:13:59gmaxwell:Luke-Jr: ^
06:17:44Luke-Jr:gmaxwell: it doesn't help that Gavin pretty much said exactly this in his blog -.-
06:26:48gmaxwell:BlueMatt: I've got a feature for your coin generator.
06:27:15gmaxwell:BlueMatt: there should be something that lets you punch in a formula for a future exchange rate to be displayed in the client.
06:27:47gmaxwell:(some altcoins have an exchange ticker in their clients… screw that. Just have them provide a formula as a function of time/height/txn volume)
10:17:11michagogo|cloud:* michagogo|cloud wonders why Magiccoin's difficulty didn't go up upon passing the 2016 block maek
10:19:24brisque:michagogo|cloud: maybe BlueMatt was messing with the parameters?
10:19:48michagogo|cloud:brisque: Hmm? You can't mess with the parameters
10:19:55michagogo|cloud:Just name it, pick a port, upload an image
10:20:10BlueMatt:michagogo|cloud: I didnt change the genesis, so...it took years for the first block set...
10:20:17brisque:michagogo|cloud: you can now, but maybe magiccoin was one of bluematts creations.
10:20:18michagogo|cloud:That'll do it
10:20:23michagogo|cloud:brisque: You can? :O
10:20:36brisque:you can now, it's got a tonne more features.
10:20:54brisque:by the looks of it you'll need a petahash machine to manage to get above diff 1 though
10:22:36michagogo|cloud:brisque: Nah, should rise at the next 2016, I think
10:22:45michagogo|cloud:"Port must be divisible by 2 if the PoW is SHA256"?
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10:24:34BlueMatt:michagogo|cloud: thats an artifact of me creating a little node that lets you auto-bootstrap your network
10:24:38BlueMatt:(it manages peers and such)
10:24:45BlueMatt:but needs to know what genesis block you're gonna be using
10:25:07BlueMatt:michagogo|cloud: anyway, this is ot for -wizards
12:16:03brisque:did anybody have a look at the "descendant of Bitcoin" ala NXT?
12:16:33brisque:they released the source of an older client, a single monolithic file
12:20:27brisque:releasing a broken version that can't connect to their network was a stroke of genius.
12:21:31sipa:i's pure proof-of-stake, which suffers from the "nothing at stake" problem (you can mine on all forks independently without spending more resources than on one, leading yo oroblems in convergence if a significant portion if hashpower does this)
12:21:48sipa:but i'm sure that's not the only problem
12:28:49brisque:if nothing else, I'm very glad Bitcoin doesn't use raw integers for it's addresses, the NXT ones are almost indecipherable when you look at them in the source.
13:25:44maaku:BlueMatt: people are actually using it. crazy
13:25:54maaku:you should have made the fees higher
14:12:31adam3us:maaku: its the beauty of it ... say it relatively dead pan and different people think its the best thing since sliced bread for very different and conflicting reasons, and yet all end up achieving the desired outcome :)
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19:50:13jtimon:that one bothers me because it is proprietary software, but it was sad to hear Bill Still "I'm a non-techincal newbie but I've chosen Quark because it has the more secure algorithm"
19:51:45jtimon:some part of me was happy for seeing this "greenbacker" interested in p2p currencies, the other part of me was a facepalm