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19:48:59michagogo|cloud:Hmm, remember how I replayed the Bitcoin blockchain onto an altcoin from coingen that used Bitcoin's genesis block and parameters?
19:49:35michagogo|cloud:Looking at the log, I don't think the blocks made it to the other peers...
19:49:46shesek:michagogo|cloud, how come?
19:49:50michagogo|cloud:I don't know
19:50:01shesek:perhaps there weren't any other peers? :P
19:50:05michagogo|cloud:But the version messages carry the normal block height
19:50:13shesek:were you connected to nodes?
19:50:14sipa:maybe you just OOM'ed the node you sent it to, when it tried to reorg?
19:50:34michagogo|cloud:Looking at the logs, I don't see a couple hundred thousand getdatas...
19:55:25michagogo|cloud:There are all the 2014-01-09 06:21:10 ThreadRPCServer method=submitblock
19:55:25michagogo|cloud:2014-01-09 06:21:10 SetBestChain:
19:55:25michagogo|cloud:2014-01-09 06:21:10 ProcessBlock: ACCEPTED
19:55:48michagogo|cloud:But there aren't any "Received getdata for block x" lines
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20:53:17gnrldsray:Anyone from/interested in Ethereum here?
21:04:09shesek:I think its a one man project by vbuterin at this stage, and he doesn't hang on IRC afaik
21:05:32shesek:it does seems interesting to me from a first look
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