01:16:28Luke-Jr:michagogo|cloud: hm?
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17:42:52nsh:the gig's up guys: http://bitcoinisablackop.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/thoughts-on-bitcoin/
17:45:16phantomcircuit:nsh, that is possibly one of the stupidest things i've read today
17:45:24phantomcircuit:wait no
17:45:27phantomcircuit:only second place
17:46:33petertodd:always helpful to have obviously crazy people criticising you you know - lets you lump in all your critics in one basket :P
17:53:18michagogo|cloud:...how the f*** is it obfuscated?
17:53:36petertodd:michagogo|cloud: moon math
17:53:36michagogo|cloud:And there's no encryption involved...
17:53:53michagogo|cloud:;;google stuxnet
17:53:54gribble:Stuxnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus on Vimeo: ; W32 Stuxnet Dossier - Symantec:
17:54:25petertodd:heh, seriously if anything if I find out that Bitcoin was a NSA plot, I'm going to commend the people involved for excellent in the new field of programmer/actors
17:54:29michagogo|cloud:Predating it by about 2 years...
17:54:41michagogo|cloud:Sorry, a year and a half
17:55:03michagogo|cloud:* michagogo|cloud suspects this is simple trolling
17:58:12nsh:it's one of those unstoppable Poe's law meets immovable Hanlon's razor situations
18:18:49a5m0:speaking of stealth addresses: "As for the nonce keypair, that is included in the transaction in an additional zero-valued output" wouldn't this be a weakness in that it prevents sending to stealth addresses from webwallets/alternative clients that only allow sending to an address?
18:19:14petertodd:a5m0: yeah they need to be upgraded of course
18:19:30petertodd:a5m0: no easy way around that
18:26:04shesek:is it planned to work with multiple stealth outputs?
18:26:33shesek:with multiple OP_RETURNs, each immediately after the regular outputs, or something like that?
18:27:17petertodd:shesek: well interestingly in the no-prefix case you only need a single OP_RETURN and single ephemeral pubkey
18:28:31petertodd:however if you want to use coinjoin with stealth addrs, then that's a problem... we should allow multiple OP_RETURN's if we're not going to ban OP_CHECK(MULTI)SIG
18:29:54shesek:how does it work with a single OP_RETURN?
18:30:45petertodd:shesek: simple, the ephemeral pubkey is just a pubkey - you can reuse it for multiple ECDH nonces on multiple outputs - the other outputs just look like change or something else to each recipient
18:31:42petertodd:e.g. you could do a wallet where you have a single master key which is used to derive ephemeral keys *deterministically*, and then use stealth addresses for your *change*
18:31:44shesek:right, yeah, that makes sense
18:31:50shesek:not quite sure why I thought this was a problem
18:42:23a5m0:without previous knowlege is it possible to search the blockchain for multisig transactions that require a specific signature to unlock?
18:42:58shesek:specific signature or specific public key?
18:43:20shesek:the signature depends on the exact spending transaction, this doesn't really make sense
18:43:32a5m0:say there is a 2of3 address that someone paid to, could i find this address if i knew 1 or 2 of those 3?
18:43:42shesek:if you meant public key - it is possible for pay-to-script transactions, but not for pay-to-script-hash
18:47:38a5m0:how would you locate those pay-to-script transactions?
18:52:03shesek:well, the output script would contain a list of public keys. you would just check if the public key you're searching for is in there
18:52:41shesek:if you meant how you would technically do that, I don't think there are any tools that'll allow you to do that. you'll have to write something yourself that searches for it
18:55:07a5m0:if coins were sent to the 2of3 payment address but not yet spent or otherwise published, you would not be able to search the output script though right?
18:56:43shesek:if it was sent to a pay-to-script-hash (p2sh) address - no, you wouldn't
18:57:04shesek:if it was sent to a regular pay-to-script, the public keys list would be part of the transaction sending the funds to the multisig
18:57:37shesek:(and it wouldn't be a "multisig address" in this case - those outputs aren't represented as addresses, only p2sh are)
19:02:43a5m0:i'm talking about the keys that are required to redeem the multisig, not the pubkeys that sent to it
19:03:10shesek:I'm talking about the same thing
19:03:42shesek:with p2sh, the transaction output contains the script hash, and the actual script is revealed when you're redeeming from the p2sh
19:04:25shesek:with regular pay-to-script outputs, the script itself is part of the funding transaction, and the list of the 3 public keys (assuming a 2-of-3 multisig) are part of the output paying to the multisig
19:11:06a5m0:hmmm it sounds like i have some testnet work to do
19:12:44nsh:someone could make a testnet transaction type walkthrough/tutorial/gamething
19:13:09a5m0:thanks shesek
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