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01:45:50warren:Can someone point at a thread that contains the math of the orphan risk and KB cost?
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01:57:18petertodd:Question: is there a simple n-party version of ECDH? Can you do something like add the n-1 parties' pubkeys together somehow or something?
01:57:32petertodd:I'm looking for something to non-interactively create a shared secret between n-parties.
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03:23:28andytoshi:petertodd: pretty sure the answer is no. i'll muse on this as i go to sleep
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03:37:26petertodd:andytoshi: thanks
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21:17:43grazs:well, that was shocking
21:18:05petertodd:gmaxwell: they going to at least add a mechanism for a public total coins out accumulator?
21:18:34petertodd:grazs: just a limitation of the crypto; lots of people are trying to figure out how to remove that limitation, no success yet though
21:18:54gmaxwell:petertodd: it could be done, but I don't think it would be terribly meaningful. The major advance in zerocash is that you can do everything inside the accumulator, e.g. no actual need for public coins at all.
21:19:21gmaxwell:And you could only count the coins that exit the zk accumulator.
21:20:27petertodd:gmaxwell: oh right, now that they have non-variable denominations...
21:20:47petertodd:gmaxwell: v1 system you certainly could just add up the two types of accumulator actions
21:20:51gmaxwell:e.g. in zerocoin it only worked in a lame mixing way that wasn't digital cash, but zerocash lets you do blinded in + blinded out. So not just the variable denominations... but the fact that in and out can be blind the whole way.
21:21:03gmaxwell:sure because you couldn't stay in the accumulator while doing a trade.
21:21:15petertodd:right, because in and out aren't third-party distinguishable anymore
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