00:00:47zooko:Nice work!
00:01:49gmaxwell:well, there is one fitting the pattern which was not a trivial amount: https://blockchain.info/address/1GbWrPLttrvRA7suTouWYunB9DUKihiTpR
00:01:55gmaxwell:(so far)
00:02:18gmaxwell:but since 25 btc is a more round number, it's less obviously a repeated payment.
00:03:16gmaxwell:also the timing of those doesn't fit the pattern I expected— too closely spaced.
00:03:41gmaxwell:I expect the repeated payments to be several hours or days apart.
00:05:40gmaxwell:thoguht it's possible they did a bunch of 25 btc real withdraws in the hopes that some would repeat... and the later ones are the repetition.
00:09:13maaku:i lot of those are just seconds apart
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00:15:18andytoshi:maaku: in case you missed it earlier my fears about schnorr sigs were unfounded
00:18:24maaku:andytoshi: thanks for the update!
00:55:15gmaxwell:fwiw, I've found a bunch more of those possibly goxtheft transactions.
00:55:37gmaxwell:unfortunately, it's too hard to distinguish the high value ones from legit activity.
01:00:25nsh:i take it half of the mutated transaction pair is not public?
01:01:41nsh:i'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that these thefts were achieved through transaction malleability
01:02:12nsh:which would allow you to rule out any false positives for which there do not exist mutated transactions if such were recorded
01:03:01gmaxwell:nsh: perhaps an incorrect assumption.
01:03:09gmaxwell:it's not necessary.
01:03:20gmaxwell:But no, no records in any case.
01:03:25nsh:* nsh nods
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04:04:26phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, >.>
04:04:41phantomcircuit:i can ping all but one of the systems
04:04:46phantomcircuit:i walk the row
04:04:52phantomcircuit:all of them have miner1/2 flashing
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21:54:35justanotheruser:Is the optimal solution for keeping track of assets such as stocks a merged mined altchain?
22:30:14maaku:justanotheruser: no
22:30:26maaku:that's probably the most ill-optimal solution
22:31:10maaku:stocks have intrinsic trust in the redeamer/coporation. it's perfectly fine to have a centralized system like open-transactions
22:31:30maaku:or, use something like colored coins
22:32:25maaku:if you don't want to polute the block chain with stock trades, then you can move it onto an alt (and maybe add some asset-related features)
22:32:34maaku:but definately not one-chain-per-asset. that's madness
22:33:14tt_away:Free worthless stocks for everyone though if you can merge mine it all
22:36:48jtimon:tt_away a pow chain is not free at all
22:37:15tt_away:Yeah, I guess you need networked storage and bandwidth.
22:37:17jtimon:is rather expensive, actually
22:37:58jtimon:no, you just need to not wirte everything you do in the block chain
22:38:18jtimon:you have infinite timestamping
22:39:23tt_away:you'll also probably be 51%'d like with coiled coin too. there's a reason people no longer are making mm'd sha256d coins.
22:39:30jtimon:you build a merkle tree of archive.org and put the root into the chain
22:39:49jtimon:but please don't put archive.org into the chain
22:40:21jrmithdobbs:voting textfiles.com
22:40:36tt_away:whoever can store the most data gets to make blocks
22:41:35tt_away:proof-of-storage, i'm patenting that. i assume 10gb blocks are reasonable.
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