00:08:38andytoshi:been reading about 'punctured programs', seems very generally applicable: http://eprint.iacr.org/2013/454
01:21:13justanotheruser:maaku: not 1 chain per asset, one chain for all non-bitcoin assets
01:22:13maaku:justanotheruser: that's perfectly reasonable then
01:22:28maaku:(see our freimarkets proposal for an example : http://freico.in/docs/freimarkets.pdf)
01:23:35justanotheruser:maaku: is this the same freicoin with demmurage?
01:24:09maaku:yes, it will be deployed to freicoin (hence the wordplay), but it is conceptually unrelated
01:25:29maaku:by which I mean it is a proposed set of bitcoin extensions that could be deployed to any chain, but we (jtimon & I) just happen to also be the main Freicoin developers
01:26:34Luke-Jr:maaku: hey, are you on the Texas altcoin panel?
01:36:11maaku:Luke-Jr: not going to texas :(
01:36:33maaku:although if there was travel support I would be and try to be on it...
01:38:11Luke-Jr:* Luke-Jr wonders who else is on the panel
01:43:07bebopzzz:I hate to barge in like this guys, but I'm trying to find some Bitcoin-python experienced devs for a two week job (pays $12.5k in BTC)
01:43:17sipa:bebopzzz: not here
01:43:29bebopzzz:sure, sorry
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07:51:18nsh:had an idea but not sure how viable it is: would it be possible to devise a system using (zk) accumulators and fidelity bonds to 'enforce' deletion of sensitive information -- ie when a party claims to have securely destroyed some information it it added to the accumulator tied to their bond and the counterparty (or possibly any third party) can use a hash of the sensitive info at any time in the future to cause forfeit
07:51:18nsh:of the bond
07:52:45nsh:(the idea being that if you've claimed to erase some data then if it subsequently leaks there's an immediate financial liability)
07:56:33nsh:Reed was screaming, 'I can't believe you did that. You assaulted me. They would have seen that. You are in trouble.'
07:56:34nsh:Kiddie said woman was 'snarling like a dog' and bit him after telling him 'I've got AIDS and I bite tramps like you.'
07:56:34nsh:Pointing to the CCTV footage, Kiddie said: 'She is now biting into my index finger and she's telling me she's got the AIDS virus.'
07:56:34nsh:He told the court he 'didn't want to' hit Reed and deliberately aimed at her cheek rather than her nose or teeth.
07:56:37nsh:'I didn't want to break a lady's nose... I didn't want to hurt her somewhere that is going to damage,' he said.
07:56:40nsh:'I am taught by officer safety to strike full power - as hard as you possibly can - this is what is taught in our officer safety training, it is not actually what I have done.'
07:56:43nsh:Kiddie explained his strikes to the woman were 'half power'. Kiddie has two previous disciplinary findings of 'incivility' against him.
07:56:46nsh:-- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2563178/Policeman-punched-woman-three-times-head-pinning-floor-guilty-assault.html
07:57:02nsh:(the "AIDS virus" is called HIV, idiot)
07:57:33nsh:This officer has received punishment for having a natural reaction to attempted murder. If it is a fact that she told him she had AIDS and then bit him, you can only expect retributive violence in that situation. She got what she deserved, and this is not a case of police brutality. Police brutality is where someone is incapacitated and then experienced violence, or if the violence in this case had been more severe than
07:57:33nsh:3 punches, and perhaps ended up with him kicking her when she was on the floor, that might be police brutality but 3 punches is pretty measured in my view.
07:57:38nsh:-- comment. wow...
08:22:59gmaxwell:nsh: sure that could be done, and even made something that could go into a bitcoin script. though I think "oh they lost their bond, whopdiedo": small consolidation to the person whos info go leaked.
08:24:30nsh:oh, sorry about that mispaste :(
08:25:02nsh:* nsh should fiddle with irc client so it's more clear which channel he's polluting :/
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23:10:48andytoshi:what is our state of knowledge on how to securely move transactions to miners in a world where blocks contain zkps of txes (which are never explicitly published)?
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