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01:53:35adam3us:anyone read this paper by bytecoin@gmail.com? (aka Nicolas van Saberhagen) https://bytecoin.org/whitepaper.pdf oct 2013. despite being on asite that appears to be about an altcoin where its not clear the alt implements the ideas in the paper, the paper appears interesting.
01:53:54adam3us:its using a ring signature, and one-use addresses to deter double spending
01:54:10adam3us:i am not yet sure how that could be spv compatible unless the coins have a single denomination perhaps.
01:54:40adam3us:you prove the linkage i think to the actual recipient using the LNK operation if i understand. i skimmed so i might be missing something
01:58:10adam3us:the size of the ring signature is linear in the number of other signers you add to the anonymity set. but that means it allows you to chose who to mix your coin with (with coinjoin you mix with other users some of who maybe hostile to privacy; with this the spender chooses who to mix with... eg with plausible actual users of the same service or recipient or at random)
02:07:30adam3us:ah ok that is the case it says you would chose random outputs that are the same size as yours to mix with. you dont have to send anything else to the recipient.. just that the set of coins of the same size that you make a ring signature with acts as a pool of potential inputs. you could i think potentially do a ring signature with someone elses spent coin because it is ambiguous which coins are spent. but still no i
02:19:28jgarzik:adam3us, bytecoin made some interesting posts in the early days
02:20:25adam3us:jgarzik: yeah, i saw eg he was credited with being the first to come up with stealth-addr equivalent things that others reinvented since. i am presuming its the same bytecoin
02:28:43gmaxwell:I don't think that paper sounds like bytecoin however.
02:30:27Ademan_:This is a ...stupid... question, but to encode arbitrary data in the blockchain can I issue a transaction with sufficient fees, and an output consisting of OP_RETURN followed by data?
02:31:14Ademan_:where the output has a value of 0 ?
02:31:23Ademan_:heh that was the important part of my question...
02:51:29maaku:Ademan_: #bitcoin-dev, and pleast don't put arbitrary data in the blockchain
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04:50:24Ademan_:I guess I kind of thought the introduction of OP_RETURN represented tacit approval
04:58:42shesek:Ademan_, not really... as far as I understand, it represented the best of two bad options
04:59:22shesek:the other one being people encoding arbitrary data into multisignature and public keys, bloating the utxo with unspendable outputs
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05:19:41shesek:sipa, a lot of people understand it as Ademan_ does though...
05:20:05shesek:midnightmagic, are you MidnightLightning on github?
05:23:16sipa:shesek: i know; that's why i hate OP_RETURN :)
05:28:08gmaxwell:I don't know why people would get that idea.
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06:15:46maaku:Ademan: putting data on the chain externalizes a cost to the entire network which you don't pay for. It hurts bitcoin and is a morally irresponsible thing to do.
06:16:00maaku:But *IF* you are intent on doing it anyway, OP_RETURN is better than any of the other options
06:16:12maaku:s/better/less bad/
06:16:55Ademan:maaku: hrm, isn't that true for *all* data though?
06:20:43sipa:Ademan: i run a bitcoin node because i consider bitcoin-the-financial-network valuable
06:21:00sipa:Ademan: if you use it for other purposes, you're storing data on my disk without paying me
06:21:08sipa:making the whole bitcoin network more costly to run
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07:38:42gmaxwell:"S1 is currently deployed in large binary trees structures within the private and public mining pools servicing 20.3% of the entire network hash rate"
07:38:52gmaxwell:I wonder what that was supposted to say.
07:40:44maaku:gmaxwell: give us money?
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12:50:43Asikkx:who want to buy my btc
12:50:47sipa:not here
12:51:58sipa:this channel is not fpr trading; it is not even about bitcoin but just about post-bitcoin research ideas
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16:55:50Emcy:jesus im getting spammed to hell on bitmessage
16:56:08Emcy:so much for POW making people think twice before posting
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19:19:22jgarzik:Heh, adam3us dug this up: http://marc.info/?l=cypherpunks&m=95280154629912&w=2
19:19:26jgarzik:Satoshi... or not? :)
19:30:56Ademan:jgarzik: wow, well if it really is satoshi, then he's been watching out for his anonymity for a looonnnggggg time
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19:32:45sipa:seems it was quite common on that mailing list at the time to be anonymous
19:42:00Ademan:it's kind of wild to me how many of the pieces were in place while I was still in middle school
20:44:21maaku:jgarzik: Definately worth pursing further.
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22:18:40amiller:jgarzik, your seed node behaves a little strange, it only seems to send the same 15 nodes for the past several days
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