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17:19:18PIPP0:Get FREE Zetacoins (ZET) at ZetaClicks http://www.zetaclicks.com/index.php?ref=5
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21:54:49Emcy_:https://www.kncminer.com/products/titan does any one know anything about this? IS it custom scrypt silicon or just an overpriced box of gpus or something?
21:55:00Emcy_:if the former then RIP litecoin surely
21:55:45tromp__:offtopic; pls go discuss elsewhere
21:57:51Emcy_:sorry to have disturbed your currently unbroken stream of join/parts
22:02:00maaku:on the topic of bip 62, it would be interesting to see if the extra stack item for OP_CHECKMULTISIG could be soft-fork used for something rather than disable it entirely
22:25:55sipa:maaku: such as?
22:26:43maaku:sipa: i was testing the waters to see if anyone has any ideas
22:28:23maaku:e.g. arbitrary boolean expressions, or something like that
22:33:08gmaxwell:hm. like a push with some additional constrains on which combinations are allowed.
22:34:13gmaxwell:nothing is instantly coming to mind as an additional constraint that combines well with M of N.
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23:51:14nsh:Crimea is officially joining the Ruble on April 1st
23:51:29nsh:please someone announce that bitcoin is too
23:51:31nsh:it will amuse me.
23:54:01Emcy_:gg putin
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