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04:47:20sipa:that wqas close
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12:19:04nsh:missed this: https://www.simonsfoundation.org/quanta/20131119-together-and-alone-closing-the-prime-gap/
12:19:28nsh:(proof of infinite pairs of primes separated by no more than 70 million)
12:20:15nsh:bound reduced down to 600 now, putatively
12:36:53jtimon:interesting nsh
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21:16:06lnovy:the rally of the year is near...
21:17:49imperiusIII_lawl:bitcoin isnt rallying
21:17:52imperiusIII_lawl:the dollar is crashing
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21:18:10Luke-Jr:all I did was lol
21:18:23imperiusIII_lawl:wow someones getting kickhappy
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21:18:28nsh:* nsh frowns
21:18:42lnovy:I'm very sorry...
21:18:46lnovy:wrong channel :(
21:19:16gmaxwell:No biggie.
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22:50:16HM:sipa, about?
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