07:20:53Emcy_:eh bitnodes.io got a foundation grant
07:20:56Emcy_:thats pretty cool
07:21:19Emcy_:I wonder if thier numbers are more accurate now
07:54:19Emcy_:"While 50% of blocks were
07:54:19Emcy_:broadcast to 25% of the nodes in less than 22 seconds, 17 minutes are needed to
07:54:19Emcy_:relay 50% of the transactions to the 25% of the nodes."
07:54:24Emcy_:no way that cant be right
08:31:20andytoshi:j bitcoin
09:29:24otoburb:otoburb is now known as Guest37415
13:36:56home_jg:home_jg is now known as jgarzik
16:11:53phantomcircuit:Emcy_, that sounds incorrect
16:12:09phantomcircuit:Emcy_, the longest i saw it take a node to receive a block ~1 year ago was 5 minutes
16:12:15phantomcircuit:the next was 3 minutes
16:22:35phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, dear god reddit users think they understand bitcoin
16:22:50phantomcircuit:they wont stop trying to figure out what happened at mtgox
16:22:54phantomcircuit:and they're always wrong
16:22:57phantomcircuit:make it stahp
16:23:42sipa:phantomcircuit: stop reading redding
16:24:19phantomcircuit:sipa, :/
16:24:40phantomcircuit:sipa, ps ~100usec for ckey/keymeta/pool entires
16:24:49phantomcircuit:approximately evenly split between them
16:25:44phantomcircuit:still seems like a long time though
16:26:14phantomcircuit:getting closer to irrelevant though
16:46:13phantomcircuit:sipa, heh 15% of that time is just spent inserting into an std::map
16:46:17phantomcircuit:i guess this is where i stop
16:48:54sipa:yeah, we need to start using hashmaps
16:50:41phantomcircuit:sipa, a good amount of time is spent calculating hashes that could be cached
16:50:53phantomcircuit:but not enough that it's worth possibly screwing up the caching
18:11:46gmaxwell:that threshold for ecdsa paper aparently works but was incomplete and somewhat incorrect.
18:12:01gmaxwell:And there is a team at princeton that has implemented it in java.
18:12:27gmaxwell:and it does all the right stuff, though it requires interactive setup, it doesn't have any single-show restriction.
18:14:23gmaxwell:(basically I think it's entirely as good a schnorr signatures, with the exception that N of N still requires interactive setup)
18:15:00gmaxwell:it sounded we can BIP32 this stuff too but I'm unclear on the specifics there.
18:15:10gmaxwell:(e.g. with one interactive setup we can generate more addresses)
18:17:03midnightmagic:gmaxwell: Would you mind posting a cite or link to the paper and/or information on the princeton java imp?
18:18:06gmaxwell:There is a paper! but I don't know if it's published yet. But I will soon. (and I'm mentioning it here so that you'll all nag me to get it if I forget)
18:34:14midnightmagic:I promise to nag!
18:42:27hearn:gmaxwell: \o/
18:42:51hearn:gmaxwell: that’s excellent news. especially the java part >:)
18:44:50hearn:though the interactive setup part might prove tricky in practice
18:48:19hearn:gmaxwell: you’re talking about the one i pointed out the other day on the bitcointalk thread, right? just to be clear …. the egyptian one
19:09:59topynate:i just skimmed the egyptian paper. sorry if this is a dumb question - is the scheme described there directly applicable to bitcoin? as in, with secp256k1 as the EC it makes transaction signatures that the protocol will accept?
19:14:25justanotheruser:In a world where Bitcoin is used in 50% of all transactions and there are 5000 coinmaiden 1to1 pegged blockchains, how are people going to do SPV? Just have a massive list of seednodes for each altchain and query them?
19:15:36justanotheruser:Also, will people probably do coinswaps to change between altchains rather than going through the mainchain?
20:14:23jtimon:jusanother user, yes, coinswap is a aster way to move between chains, but it needs an agreement
20:16:28jtimon:justanotheruser, I don't know if 5000 altchains can share proof of work, you can have many private chains though
20:17:35jtimon:the limit in pow is still bandwidth, 2 way peg doesn't change that
20:20:18jtimon:but it can make private chains much more secure
20:31:10nikitab:gmaxwell: awesome! do they have a security proof?
22:03:57maaku:justanotheruser: coin swaps would be the mainstay mechanism for doing exchanges
22:04:10maaku:pegging is just a mechanism for market makers to adjust their holdings
22:04:34maaku:justanotheruser: I'm not sure I understand your question about SPV
22:04:48maaku:there would be different networks for each side chain, yes
22:27:42HM:i keep googling sipahash instead of siphash
22:30:18maaku:oh, SipHash
23:33:08BlueMatt:why the hell has this not been posted here yet? http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2014/03/25/satoshi-nakamotos-neighbor-the-bitcoin-ghostwriter-who-wasnt/
23:33:15BlueMatt:shitty article, but hal deserves at least something
23:33:50BlueMatt:well, ok, good article that insistently mentions satoshi and dorian, but the other parts were nice
23:34:18Luke-Jr:assuming Hal wants the attention
23:34:27BlueMatt:hal did agree to meet him
23:48:42midnightmagic:he's a good person. one day good people won't have to suffer like that.
23:54:13maaku:Hal is awesome