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06:08:40phantomcircuit:i probably need to rethink this audit procedure
06:08:43phantomcircuit:it takes 3 hours
07:50:58petertodd:sipa: my therapist tells me I wrote a compiler in PHP, but the memories are repressed
07:51:22sipa:my condolences
07:51:35petertodd:gmaxwell: yeah probably - I need to implement a ChainState class and associated tests first though before I'm going to worry much... :)
08:31:08RoboTeddy:would it work to publish additional blocks (along the lines of GHOST) even when the rarity of the discovered block is less than the current difficulty?
08:31:43RoboTeddy:(just the block header -- not the contents -- since only the header is necessary to prove work)
08:32:14RoboTeddy:the idea being that this POW is useful for showing that a miner was working on a given chain, and perhaps should thus be counted by other nodes when determining which chain is valid
10:39:21jtimon:btw maaku I think we should change the nGranularity + nQuantity stuff on subtransactions, instead you could just have a "proportion" field replacing nquantity and just get rid of granularity. Alternative nQuantity can represent how much you take from the first output and the rest are calculated proportionally
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16:32:02maaku:jtimon: IIRC the point was to enable fill-or-kill orders
16:32:37maaku:but I also haven't considered how having nGranularity/nQuantity affects composition of sub-transactions
16:33:36maaku:i don't think special-treating one output would have the right semantics
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16:55:42jtimon:mhmm, yes, fill-or-kill...I guess you could have granularity=0 to specify my behaviour, but it's still needed
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18:51:55BCB:anyone watching the US House hearing on bitcoin
18:52:56eristisk:Is there another one BCB?
18:52:59eristisk:On C-SPAN?
18:53:19BCB:it's getting a little hostile
18:53:25BCB:Dr. Bitcorn is back
21:16:35BCB:"Bitcoin is written in a language NO ONE can understand is contains about 17MB of source code" - David Andolfatto St. Louis Fed - http://www.stlouisfed.org/dialogue-with-the-fed/bitcoin-and-beyond.cfm
21:16:59jrmithdobbs:haha, what
21:17:26jrmithdobbs:it's like 2k lines of (bad) c++ last i looked ...
21:17:56sipa:quite a bit more than that
21:18:17sipa:though ehm... qrc_bitcoin.cpp already is like 11 MB, and it is autogenerated :p
21:18:55Emcy:what does that module do
21:19:04sipa:resources, i guess
21:19:54gmaxwell:BCB: the slide says "almost nobody understands" which is probably arguable... what percentage of the world population has a working familairity with C++? How many really understand it?
21:20:22BCB:what about side of code base 17MB ??
21:20:34maaku:it's only ... one of the most popular and successful ISO standard languages?
21:20:59sipa:there's 1.4 MB in the non-gui code
21:21:07sipa:also, #bitcoin-dev
22:56:33petertodd:all the discussion about whether or not the code can be understood is silly anyway - the idea behind the bitcoin system is plenty simple, and there probably exists enough social consensus to make the technical consensus follow suite
22:57:10petertodd:modulo uncertainty risk of course
23:12:59nsh:funny story about source code and the st. louis federal reserve bank
23:13:03nsh:i'll tell you in six years
23:19:45gmaxwell:* gmaxwell imagines the statue of limitations big read clock on nsh's wall
23:24:10nsh:* nsh smiles