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09:43:15petertodd:;;tblb 3600
09:43:17gribble:The expected time between blocks taking 1 hour and 0 seconds to generate is 6 days, 17 hours, 25 minutes, and 36 seconds
09:52:42petertodd:;;tblb 600
09:52:43gribble:The expected time between blocks taking 10 minutes and 0 seconds to generate is 27 minutes and 33 seconds
10:53:23Emcy_:ha wot
10:53:51Emcy_:oh exactly 10 minutes is it.
10:55:34sipa:no, the chance for a block to take exacly 10 minutes is 0
10:55:48sipa:it's about blocks that take at least 10 minutes
10:56:02sipa:also, #bitcoin-dev
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