05:24:42ebfull:i'm struggling to understand how a client implementing HD wallets can know what addresses to watch in advance, when there are an infinite number of addresses that can be generated deterministically
05:33:18jcorgan:usually, the owner of the hierachical wallet will only issue receivin addresses one after the other, so the wallet software only scans "ahead" by a few keys to see if there are any transactions
06:36:20maaku:ebfull: either there is some system by which the addresses are generated in sequence (e.g. incrementing nonce) and you only look a few ahead
06:38:35maaku:or you encode (a portion of) the path in the the payment invoice or the transaction itself (a la stealth addresses, although its not very stealthy in this form)
06:39:19maaku:in most cases you don't expect to receive payments generated from random paths
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12:51:13jaekwon:there's your answer for maidsafe: http://www.reddit.com/r/maidsafe/comments/24gjnj/how_is_the_maidsafe_protocol_a_game_theoretical/
12:56:54sl01:hrm his answer is very unclear, i see "largest network wins", but still unclear exactly what he means by that
13:12:21jaekwon:i take it he has no answer.
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13:14:28sl01:would love for someone to do a psychological profile on that guy
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