00:38:13maaku:gmaxwell: "If things like loops actually worth doing is another question... the things I'd want to use them for in Script today can't be done for unrelated reasons." <-- such as?
00:38:50maaku:andytoshi: yes, hence my thinking about using brands credentials, even though its super overkill for this application which only requires straight-forward blind sigs
01:33:34gmaxwell:maaku: e.g. a lamport signature is nicely implemented with a loop (or recursion), makes the script much shorter. But we can't do them because there is no opcode to push the masked transaction hash onto the stack.
01:34:27maaku:gmaxwell: ok thanks; I misinterpreted your statement
05:00:54amiller-:uh does anyone have a full index node i can query a ton...
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06:14:06jgarzik:alas, just lost my two long running nodes
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