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10:26:50emsid:whats this channel about
10:31:38Eliel_:see the topic
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19:15:40justanotheruser:What are the big differences between freicoin and proto shares?
19:17:06pigeons:well freicoin is a bitcoin fork where the major change is demuurage
19:17:14pigeons:protoshares has no demurage
19:17:34pigeons:other than the difficulty adjustment filter and the demurage, freicoin is like bitcoin
19:17:54pigeons:same address format, PoW algo, etc. protoshares has none of that
19:24:49justanotheruser:pigeons: proto shares doesn't have the same PoW? Is it scrypt?
19:25:24tromp_:it's momentum
19:26:00tromp_:which is a degenerate form of cuckoo cycle:)
19:26:02Apocalyptic:pigeons, what do you think about it ?
19:27:09pigeons:i am the least qualified of anyone hear to answer. but my thoughts are that people stoped pointing out ways it didnt accomplish its goals of decentralization and memory hardness
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21:05:07lnovy:hi wizards, I cannot recall how are these incomming transaction filters called, anyone can help me?
21:09:44phantomcircuit:lnovy, bloomfilter
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23:17:34kanzure:http://eprint.iacr.org/2013/782.pdf "in the block explorer, this address is titled 'DPR Seized Coins'"
23:17:49kanzure:this does not seem to be peer reviewed, because i have no idea what "THE block explorer" is, or why it has an address with a title
23:19:01kanzure:is there any effort for doing peer reviewy stuff for would-be bitcoin papers?
23:19:07sipa:just ignore adi shamir papers about bitcoin
23:19:25kanzure:oh, has this happened before?
23:19:32gmaxwell:omg is there _another one_ we missed?!
23:19:52sipa:no, it's the same one
23:20:01sipa:i think?
23:20:35kanzure:this seems to be from november 2013, so nevermind
23:20:46kanzure:i probably deleted this file from my records and that's why i don't recognize it
23:55:34andytoshi:fyi almost nothing on eprint.iacr is peer-reviewed at the time it is uploaded, even in serious papers there are often serious typos
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