05:04:07michagogo|cloud:;;help nethash
05:04:07gribble:(nethash takes no arguments) -- Shows the current estimate for total network hash rate, in Ghps.
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07:51:09gmaxwell:[ot] hehe: https://github.com/huonw/brainfuck_macro
07:51:25gmaxwell:andytoshi: so where is a rust script assembler?
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17:04:37tromp_:Ethereum's CH says "Ralph is interested in DAOs and also is assisting us in developing a new signature cryptosystem we are developing as a replacement for ECDSA"
17:04:53tromp_:interesting times indeed
17:38:11andytoshi:what a weird comment, schnorr sigs are patent-free and perfectly usable now
17:38:22andytoshi:maybe they are looking at quantum hardness?
17:38:40kanzure:do you think they reached out to ralph and that's how they got him?
17:38:50andytoshi:gmaxwell: :P i might write one actually, i've been waiting for rust's macros to solidify and looking for an excuse to learn them
17:39:12kanzure:iirc ralph was hanging out at singularity university and institute for molecular manufacturing with freitas for a while
17:39:37andytoshi:yeah, i'm surprised he hasn't been in bitcoin space until recently, he's always been a political kind of guy
17:40:47kanzure:right, i wouldn't expect ethereum to be where he chooses to make a first appearance
17:41:06gmaxwell:andytoshi: I think it would be an interesting use of them.
17:44:10andytoshi:gmaxwell: mmhmm, we could write a macro which checked a bytestring against a template, then executed them to get the result, in one shot
17:44:19andytoshi:(i guess this is really a -dev discussion)
17:45:23gmaxwell:Well I just meant an assembler not an interpreter... :)
17:45:38gmaxwell:e.g. not that bitcoin code frequently has static scripts in them, but to the extent that it does, interp strings at runtime is slow, and coding them as hex is sort of lame for readablity.
17:48:04andytoshi:yeah, that would be really useful. it seems like a lot of bitcoin applications are thin wrappers around just executing interesting (but formulaic) scripts
17:48:19andytoshi:creating scripts, i mean
17:52:02maaku:kanzure: meh, bitcoin is of miniscule importantce compared to what Ralph is typically working on
17:52:18sipa:what is he typically working on?
17:52:30maaku:sipa: drexlarian molecular nanotechnology
17:52:53maaku:sipa: http://www.molecularassembler.com/Nanofactory/
17:54:24kanzure:off-topic, but there was a company called nanorex that was working on software for molecular nanotechnology
17:54:35kanzure:it eventually shut down and i was able to convince them to open source their work
17:56:09kanzure:apparently the differential gear is merkle's design https://github.com/kanzure/nanoengineer/tree/master/cad/partlib/gears
17:56:42maaku:kanzure: their force field model is a joke however :(
17:57:02maaku:does that include the GUI? it would be really nice to use their GUI and plug in a QM simulator on the back end
17:57:16kanzure:much of nanoengineer is a joke.. yes it includes the GUI, but the GUI is not separated from everything else.
17:57:24sipa:oh, *their* differential gear design
17:57:38sipa:i thought you were claiming that merkle invented differential gears :)
17:57:40kanzure:i was working on some cleanup, but really it's all spaghetti, with some ancient version of qt
17:57:46kanzure:merkle invented merkle gates, does that count..
18:01:27maaku:kanzure: I actually applied for a job at nanorex some years ago, then bailed on the interview process after watching some videos of their product
18:01:53kanzure:oh cool, that's great to hear
18:02:02kanzure:so, i just collected all i could from mark
18:02:16kanzure:because, at minimum, just deleting all this is sort of wrong
18:02:28kanzure:(i was never involved)
18:05:28maaku:Yeah well the idea was good. I still wish there was a good CAD for atomicly precise machines. I just don't think they had anyone on their team that actually knew anything about quantum chemistry.
18:05:31maaku:Sorry, OT.
18:05:49kanzure:the nanoengineer fan club is in ##hplusroadmap
21:37:41maaku:gmaxwell: do you remember what series of transforms requires access to the non-local data when performing updates to patricia proofs?
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