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16:04:05justanotheruser:Anyone read this? Stopping greedy mining. https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/007.pdf
16:04:35justanotheruser:Also, when did research papers start having titles that sound like clickbait?
16:08:33gmaxwell:You'd think that right now people would be unlikely to propose NIST as an uncompromisable source of data.
16:09:08justanotheruser:gmaxwell: sarcasm?
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18:01:59andytoshi:justanotheruser: not sarcasm. throughout the 80's and 90's there are many papers using NIST as (an example of) a trusted authority to provide random numbers, CRS's, etc, and these papers look accidentally comedic in light of the snowden situation and the Dual_EC rng fiasco
18:02:40andytoshi:so it was a standard idiom but it would seem that the world has changed
18:05:32pigeons:there is a linux distribution that only supported NIST approved curves in its openssl
18:08:50justanotheruser:pigeons: is that bad?
18:09:54pigeons:if the desired effect is to use curves derived logicall rather than seemingly arbitrarily or perhaps maliciously, yes
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18:33:55reipr:Appropriate place to discuss proff of solvency / proof of assets?
18:52:57justanotheruser:reipr: I think its allowed here
18:56:33reipr:justanotheruser: ok thanks. I think Im gonna get some documentation in order before I discuss the details
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