00:31:00Emcy:neat gm
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16:41:57petertodd:gmaxwell: thats whwt ive been saying for ages
16:43:25petertodd:gmaxwell: oh, now i get it, very clever. good to do tue same with per txout too
16:44:02gmaxwell:"thats what" the utxo key stuff? or the beacon stuff? :)
16:44:24petertodd:lol, the utxo stuff
16:44:52petertodd:h(something) is essential for engineerimg reasons anyway
16:45:39petertodd:i can change the stralth prefix stuff to work with h(h(txout)) and do that up in an index or something
16:45:55gmaxwell:perhaps not essential, since self-balancing data structures should be adequate and have acceptable worse case behavior. But it's desirable, I agree.
16:46:36gmaxwell:The encryption part is an additional interesting thing. Seems like it would have some good properties.
17:34:57gmaxwell:petertodd: does your stealth address stuff encode a payment id?
19:00:33HaltingState:gmaxwell, sipa "A Heuristic Quasi-Polynomial Algorithm for Discrete Logarithm in Finite Fields of Small Characteristic" has anyone read this paper
19:02:15Apocalyptic:is that an adaptation of the index calculus method ?
19:02:26HaltingState:not sure
19:03:02HaltingState:i dont think index calculus works for discrete log
19:03:13Apocalyptic:huh, it does
19:03:20HaltingState:i remember pho land rho or whatever index calculus for prime factorization
19:03:45HaltingState:ECC is black box to me; i dont remember enough group theory
19:05:23HaltingState:i wonder what happens if you factor the group for a particular curve and why the discrete log problem should be hard
19:08:47HaltingState:ECC2K-108, involving taking a discrete logarithm on a Koblitz curve over a field of 2108 elements. The prize was awarded on 4 April 2000 to a group of about 1300 people represented by Robert Harley. They used a parallelized Pollard rho method with speedup.
19:08:57HaltingState:bitcoin is 256 bit prime
19:13:01HaltingState:this paper is implying that the low characteristic NIST standard curves (characteristic 2) are weak i think
19:48:40Apocalyptic:that was the consensus imo
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20:00:23michagogo:Erm, why kick in a situation like that? Usually people just ban
20:00:32michagogo:And then if the user disconnects again...
20:03:17midnightmagic:he's being proactive. :)