00:10:54nsh:* nsh wonders if it's possible to employ attestation-based techniques in blockchain technology
00:11:24nsh:kolmogorov races
00:13:38nsh:(cheating necessarily incurs a higher algorithmic complexity which means a time penalty, which could *handwave* be leveraged enough that honest nodes outpace cheaters)
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00:14:05jaekwon1:define: attestation please?
00:15:09nsh:only came across it the other day. it's a method of having some confidence that software is running unaltered through timing side-channels
00:15:34nsh:the rough idea being that simulating the right behaviour (and doing something malicious besides) must always take more operations
00:15:53nsh:if you can reduce the algorithmic redundancy of the 'right behaviour'
00:16:23nsh:(which is nontrivial)
00:16:49jaekwon1:sounds like it would be useful for say, ensuring that *additional* logic isn't being performed on some given software, e.g. snooping.
00:19:37jaekwon1:on a related note, i did manage to convince myself that it would be possible to ensure that nodes are distributed around the globe, given the limited speed of light & assuming that communication can't happen through the earth.
00:20:36jaekwon1:conceptually, like making a fishnet wrapped around the earth, where the length of the connection between two nodes always being bounded.
00:21:24nsh:bounded how?
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15:42:20andytoshi:a good video about Rust and its memory-safety-enforcing type system, by nmatsakis on #rust (thx gmaxwell for link) https://air.mozilla.org/guaranteeing-memory-safety-in-rust/
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18:50:48zack-bitcoin:My attempt at a secure cryptocurrency without any pow: https://github.com/zack-bitcoin/slasher
18:51:17zack-bitcoin:it is decentralized rather than distributed.
18:51:58maaku:zack-bitcoin: awesome, but somewhat off-topic. this channel isn't about pow replacement per se
18:54:56zack-bitcoin:pow replacement is a lot like alchemy or perpetual motion devices, I think.
18:55:28nsh:glad you were the one to say that
18:55:55nsh:is this the same slasher as the punitive PoS?
18:56:21zack-bitcoin:slasher punitive POS is one component of my system.
18:56:41nsh:what's the difference between decentralization and distribution?
18:57:12nsh:are there expected to be hub nodes or some other topological strucuture?
18:58:08zack-bitcoin:My block has a class of special people selected at the genesis block. If any majority of this group of people works together, they can destroy the coin. In every other case, the coin is secure.
19:00:22zack-bitcoin:s/My block/My blockchain
19:04:01nsh:what does this help, and how?
19:04:32nsh:the starchamber can void any successful attack?
19:04:43zack-bitcoin:In slasher, if someone owns a lot of money, and then spends it all, they stop caring to protect their private key. but the private key can be used to launch a long-range attack
19:05:00nsh:* nsh nods
19:05:20zack-bitcoin:if the stake-currency is non-transferable... then they will never stop protecting their private key
19:06:00nsh:mm, that might be a psychologically fragile assumption
19:06:09nsh:or behaviourally
19:07:44zack-bitcoin:the reward for continuing to be the only person who knows the secret is pretty good. If multiple people know the secret, they can block each other from doing harm, but then stake-money is destroyed.
19:14:16nsh:zack-bitcoin, i was thinking more of a scenario where people have spent most of their funds except the stake and then lose interest in securing their private keys which get harvested for long-range attacks
19:15:40nsh:most of the accounts that exist on the computers on earth are abandoned
19:15:48zack-bitcoin:By protecting their stake and the keys, and signing the census block, they recieve a reward in spendable coins. They are being paid to do a job, like a miner.
19:16:03nsh:* nsh nods
19:16:48zack-bitcoin:The whole coin could be proof-of-burn recycled into a new genesis block, or into several genesis blocks after a couple decades if too many stake-coins are lost.
19:17:07zack-bitcoin:s/the whole coin/the whole cryptocurrency/
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21:37:44coyo:ooh, shiny channel is shiny.
21:38:13nsh:* nsh hands coyo a golden platter full of ambrosia and nectar
21:39:31coyo:* coyo sniffs at the ambrosia, then nibbles at it, becoming one of those perverted libidinous pagan gods.
21:40:30nsh:it's all bacchus, no business here
21:41:36coyo:alright, follower of dionysus
21:42:25coyo:hmm. i wonder what dionysus' opinion of synthetic recreational drugs would be, if he were here to experience them
21:42:58coyo:would be say something like, "they just dont make wine like they used to" or "this is the best thing since sliced bread"
21:43:03coyo:*would he
21:46:52nsh:* nsh smiles
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