00:01:54coke0_:phantomcircuit: DNS tunneling or paying :)?
00:03:19phantomcircuit:coke0_, i gave up an just have a monthly subscription now
00:04:04coke0_:gogo opens all Google sites if you set all the Google domains to the Google IP
00:04:13coke0_:tunnel over g+!
00:20:11phantomcircuit:coke0_, shrug, i had IPoverDNS setup a while ago, but it's pretty much always comically slow
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09:10:05nOg4nOo:Is gmaxwell the satanist in here?
09:10:17nOg4nOo:if he is I will be banned immediately
09:10:45nOg4nOo:Bitcoin will be sent to hell
09:10:55wumpus:try #bitcoin-witchhunts
09:11:07nOg4nOo:Jesus Christ is king
09:11:15nOg4nOo:Love your enemies
09:11:22nOg4nOo:Do good to those who hate you
09:11:28[nsh]:cool stories. they should put them in some kind of book
09:11:31[nsh]:i think it would sell well
09:11:41nOg4nOo:Heard that many times before
09:11:59nOg4nOo:Do you love to be evil?
09:12:09[nsh]:we're not having this conversation :)
09:12:40nOg4nOo:You will not deny that you are pure evil
09:14:14nOg4nOo:U SAY U FROM THE HOOD
09:14:27nOg4nOo:go check my bans
09:14:42nOg4nOo:been banned hundreds of times for preaching Christ
09:15:42nOg4nOo:Just because Gmaxwell bans me doesn't give you an excuse from HELL
09:15:45Apocalyptic:sounds like a conversation for #eligius
09:15:56nOg4nOo:Answer to #YAHWEH
09:16:29nOg4nOo:I PUT IT DOWN
09:17:32nOg4nOo:Does that mean a non-gay black person??????
09:18:07nOg4nOo:* nOg4nOo flexes
09:18:25nOg4nOo:You will all be in eternal hell
09:18:30nOg4nOo:frying in a rotten fire
09:19:00nOg4nOo:ooo.. am I still here? 10 year later?
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09:42:00jcorgan:0 preemptive based on -wizards, past history (nOg4nOo)
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17:06:49Emcy:might it be feasible at some point in the future to pay enforcement nodes to relay txn, if/when running such a node is very non trivial
17:08:03Emcy:its always been said enforcement nodes cant be compensated because of sybil, but when running one takes lots of resources?
17:08:38Emcy:botnets still a problem i guess
17:24:33andytoshi:well, you want everything to be cheaply validatable and it's hard to distinguish between validation and enforcement
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