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09:34:51sipa:is there some a
09:35:09sipa:nice document on the web explaining nothing at stake?
09:39:07dsnrk:sipa: I think andytoshi has one, I'll see if I can find it
09:40:31dsnrk:sipa: http://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/pos.pdf
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23:02:09gmaxwell:And another 'cpu only' POW falls, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=638915.0
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23:02:49tacotime:gmaxwell, not surprised
23:03:22tacotime:although the inefficiency is so far pretty impressive, in terms of power consumption even with the fastest gpu miner reported it's neck and neck.
23:04:44gmaxwell:tacotime: well, assuming that those numbers aren't lying and that it's only 4x faster than a quad core i7 on a 290x, and not really 8x faster and giving half its hashpower to the developer.
23:05:29gmaxwell:it's not surprising at all indeed, in any case.
23:05:49tacotime:yeah. we're trying to get some competing developers to actually push their code into the open.
23:07:53dsnrk:it's probably more worthwhile for the developer not to
23:08:04tacotime:in the short term, yes.
23:09:01tacotime:there are some [unnamed] academic professionals who seem to make their living wage on optimizing miners to sell to 'whales' who bulk mine coins at high profitability.
23:10:55dsnrk:I suppose somebody in the Bytecoin universe is pissed off that their game is up
23:11:31gmaxwell:explains some of the POW prolifieration.
23:12:28dsnrk:naturally the developers of the altcoin have a huge head start over anybody else
23:13:02tacotime:dsnrk: There were some non-obvious deoptimizations in the original hash algo code pushed by the ByteCoin folks, it was kind of interesting and hard to tell if it was intentional or not.
23:13:36tacotime:i think the difference was almost an order of magnitude.
23:14:07gmaxwell:well the fact that the code wasn't using aesni when using it is trivial and it had been given as one of the justifications in the design… it's pretty safe to say that _someone_ wasn't playing fair.
23:14:25tacotime:yeah, that too.
23:15:30dsnrk:you'd think if they knew it was trivial to stick on a GPU they would have use aes ni from the start to avoid blowing the deniability
23:15:47gmaxwell:nothing about it had good denyability.
23:17:01dsnrk:mm, the back story really could have used some work
23:17:31dsnrk:I don't think anybody bought the "been around for two years"
23:18:50tacotime:yeah. the BCN blockchain is full of weirdness too. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=512747.msg7126913#msg7126913
23:19:00tacotime:not sure what the intention is.
23:22:21dsnrk:trying to make a backstory perhaps?
23:22:58dsnrk:it's almost certainly fake, I can't believe that a group of people mined against it for years without ever fixing the flaws in the miner code
23:23:17dsnrk:"fake" == "not anybody but the developer"
23:23:26tacotime:i guess so. there were a lot of murmurs about cicada-group being involved early on (although they never signed a message), it would be amusing if the only point of BCN was to be some piece of the 2014 cicada puzzle.
23:24:04dsnrk:the bit with the coordinates certainly sounds the same
23:25:11tacotime:and who they've chosen to quote in the tx_extra data.
23:26:16gmaxwell:I've certantly regretted not putting more weird stuff in the early bitcoin chain; ironically the first time I regretted this was in late 2011, which was certantly old enough to get noticed as weird and old by people now.
23:26:59tacotime:Hahaha. You could've wasted hours of the time of bored academics and puzzle solvers! :)
23:29:01dsnrk:some of the stuff in their block chain seem to *almost* be intended to be timestamps like the satoshi block has. it obviously doesn't work in reverse though, they're not proving that the system existed at that time, just that it wasn't made before then.
23:29:40tacotime:dsnrk, yeah, i was wondering about that.
23:29:43gmaxwell:dsnrk: it would be totally trivial beyond all belief to prove that it existed at some time.
23:30:04gmaxwell:but maybe someone thought that if they did enough of the other way it would fool people?
23:30:35gmaxwell:who knows. No one freaked out when the testned started showing 6 blocks being solved per second with "QC miner" in the coinbase. :P
23:30:52dsnrk:the main explanation for them *not* pegging something back to bitcoin's block chain is that it didn't exist back then.
23:31:51dsnrk:gmaxwell: there was no post on reddit about it. how was anybody to know?
23:32:14tacotime:yeah; they would have clear proof if they just stuck one of their blockheaders in the bitcoin blockchain, then referenced it in their blockchain.
23:33:46tacotime:what i'm really hoping is that somewhere there is a cicada 3301 signature in the bcn blockchain, or else the whole thing just seems like a lousy joke. :P
23:34:20tacotime:or marketing gimmick.
23:34:31dsnrk:someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make a badly executed altcoin have a history
23:36:55dsnrk:the cyphernomicon stuff is pretty much Luke in a paralell universe