02:49:12dsnrk:midnightmagic: that was an oversight that struck me when I read it. it's sort of the main problem with HashCash in the first place, the sort of nefarious people they are trying to keep out are exactly the ones who would have the spare computing power sitting around to do it.
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05:51:50jcorgan:;;seen wyager
05:51:50gribble:wyager was last seen in #bitcoin-wizards 1 week, 3 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: I’ll eat my shoes if anyone invents a PoW algorithm that does “useful” work and can’t be gamed
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13:05:13skinnkavaj:Proposal to end pooled mining
14:31:59amiller:jgarzik, is dakami paying you soon
14:40:11nsh:So let's split up the transaction volume so every individual miner only
14:40:11nsh:needs to keep up with some portion. In a rough sense that's what
14:40:11nsh:alt-coins do - all the tipping microtransactions on Doge never have to
14:40:11nsh:hit the Bitcoin blockchain for instance, reducing pressure on the
14:40:11nsh:latter. But moving value between chains is inconvenient; right now
14:40:13nsh:moving value requires trusted third parties. Two-way atomic chain
14:40:16nsh:transfers does help here, but as recent discussions on the topic showed
14:40:17nsh:there's all sorts of edge cases with reorganizations that are tricky to
14:40:20nsh:handle; at worst they could lead to inflation.
14:40:23nsh:-- i'm having trouble imagining how a re-org in a two-way peg could lead to inflation...
14:40:41nsh:s/peg/atomic transfer/
15:06:54jgarzik:"My adventure of acquiring 10BTC continues! I've got a client who's going to pay me in Bitcoin. This should be resolved in fairly short order (weeks, not months).
15:06:54jgarzik:Thanks for this small flexibility!"
15:08:09nsh:* nsh wonders what people would pay dankami for
15:08:34nsh:maybe he also does landscaping
15:08:41amiller:hope he's not actually going broke to pay you but like
15:30:46vfor:hey guys
15:30:55todaystomorrow:hello :)
15:30:57vfor:how are privkeys encoded in bitcoind?
15:31:28vfor:i want to import one from another wallet but it says invalid private key
15:44:32vfor:this is a key in the WIF, right?
15:45:03michagogo:vfor: looks like it
15:45:42michagogo:(don't send anything to 17mFwun2zo61KMVZcSUnX1Y4aEKJnSy9mz now... you'll lose it)
15:52:08vfor:there are some testcoins on it if somebody wants to steal them ;)
15:53:39vfor:so michagogo you imported the key into a bitcoin mainnet client and it worked?
15:54:19michagogo:vfor: erm, that's a mainnet WIF
15:54:30michagogo:Testnet keys have a different WIF
15:55:30dsnrk:testnet private keys begin with 9 or c
15:55:59vfor:ok, i know what is going wrong now. thanks.
15:56:37vfor:can i import raw private keys into bitcoind?
15:56:51vfor:it do not like this WIF
15:56:53dsnrk:yes, but you shouldn't. this really is a question for #bitcoin.
15:57:41vfor:so what do you discuss here? dsnrk
15:58:07dsnrk:-wizards is for future things.
15:58:31dsnrk:it's not about bitcoin today.
15:58:49vfor:but #bitcoin is for trash things then
15:59:46dsnrk:it's where you should be asking this. -wizards is meant to be high signal, low noise. a lot of us read the entire log with this expectation.
15:59:46vfor:whatever… i got help. thanks!
16:00:43vfor:i thought wizzard means developers and not future
16:01:41vfor:'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.'
16:04:40hearn:that would be #bitcoin-dev
16:17:17maaku:"This channel is not about short-term Bitcoin development"
18:24:02cajg_:cajg_ is now known as cajg
18:27:19jtimon:I hadn't seen this video on zerocash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7LSSE0bRRo
18:51:32reipr:I'm struggling with ideas for creating proof of assets. My user's deposit directly into cold storage. I cannot fathom publishing all of those cold storage addresses. Let's say that I generate 1 proof of solvency Merkle Tree per week, and when the coins have aged enough from the deposit addressess I move them to a smaller subset of addresses that I publish. There can seem to be alot of unaccounted for coins in the Proof of Assets because the co
18:51:39reipr:Sorry, long post.
18:52:24reipr:My idea is to provide a second merkle tree that the user's can do to account for the coins that are help in their deposit address, and a second proof of assets (they can check the balance of their own deposit address)
18:52:37reipr:that are held*
18:52:46reipr:am I way off base here?
21:06:58todays_tomorrow:todays_tomorrow has left #bitcoin-wizards
22:00:56maaku:reipr: you don't need to publish the entire ledger, just the path through it for each user
22:01:09maaku:and a zkp that the ledger sums to the reported balance
23:40:41verne.freenode.net:topic is: This channel is not about short-term Bitcoin development | "Bitcoin research, hardfork wishlist, ideas for the future - see also: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Hardfork_Wishlist https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/User:Gmaxwell/alt_ideas. This channel is logged at http://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizards/. For questions about the logs talk to andytoshi."
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