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05:40:52paavo:isn't public logging of freenode against the ToS
05:42:05todaystomorrow:it's in the topic so it's not like anyone doesn't know
05:48:32Apocalyptic:paavo, it is if not advertised
05:49:37paavo:lol i no nothing
05:52:05todaystomorrow:What must a cryptocurrency be able to endure to be useful for hundreds of years? Must a cryptocurrency be useful for hundreds of years ?
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07:19:34michagogo:paavo: public logging is okay as long as a) the channel ops approve AND b) it's made known to channel users, e.g. in topic or entrymsg
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23:53:02maaku:amiller: what prevents relay nodes from rewriting the proof of a non-outsourceable puzzle to claim the block reward for themselves?
23:53:39gmaxwell:maaku: it's a signature of knoweldge. You don't disclose the header you needed to know to create the proof.
23:57:17maaku:what does this mean then "Since the merkleroot' is not committed to while mining, it makes it trivial to create hundreds of 1-block forks." (from amiller's bct post)
23:58:16gmaxwell:the author of the ZKP-block can create the forks for free, AFAIK
23:58:23maaku:ah ok