00:10:36nairb:skinnkavaj: what are you suggesting should be done?
00:11:26Luke-Jr:skinnkavaj knows I'm working on GBT, he's just an impatient guy who thinks everyone should drop everything and get it done overnight
00:12:09nairb:what's GBT ?
00:12:40maaku:nairb: getblocktemplate
00:12:49nairb:dinner, will read in a bit
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07:46:16andytoshi:gmaxwell: hey, regarding 1-of-N outputs, with only one piece of random data we can only get 1-of-2 outputs, because we have only one group operation and the rank-nullity theorem
07:46:36andytoshi:(try to work it out, you will see that you're just doing linear algebra and have only as much freedom as you have random data)
07:46:58andytoshi:so to get 1-of-N, you need (N-1) random nonces. i guess you could use blockhash, H(blockhash), H(H(blockhash))...
07:47:30gmaxwell:Yes, I'd assumed N-1 nonces.
07:49:50gmaxwell:the requirement I was imagining was not having to transmit or store more than one or two points.
10:29:57skinnkavaj:Vitalik Buterin on mining centralization
10:30:09skinnkavaj:And future for Ethereum
10:49:48dsnrk:skinnkavaj: that sounds similar.
14:04:40andytoshi:gmaxwell: if you have (N-1) nonces R_1, R_2, ..., R_{N-1}, then given pubkeys X_1, X_2, ..., X_N which satisfy X_i - X_{i-1} = R_i, any one of the X_i's imply all the others but only one can be known
14:05:00andytoshi:this translates to X_1||X_2 and X_2||X_3 and X_3||X_4 ... which collapses to 1-of-N
14:06:09andytoshi:so generate a random key X_i (with i random), determine X_1 from this, and publish X_1 as the output
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23:31:29sl01:anyone know if linux local privilege escalation vulns usually affect android? e.g. can any random app just use one of the vulns to get root on the phone?