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03:33:34dsnrk:"Using a method very similar to that used in bitmessage. If bitmessage is secure this should be too."
03:37:30dsnrk:Cinnicoin: anonymous encrypted messaging that hinges on address reuse and is maybe secure.
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03:45:51gmaxwell:bitmessage is very obviously insecure, for some definition of insecure.
03:46:33dsnrk:cinnicoin is far far worse. I'm not qualified to say anything about the method of encryption, but DOS vectors abound.
03:47:03gmaxwell:e.g. a network attacker that can watch all the traffic going in and out of your port trivially deanonymizes you w/ bitmessage if you send. (unless you use bitmessage on tor, which couldn't bootstrap last I tried a few months ago)
03:47:43gmaxwell:or a less localized network attacker can winnow down your location in the network (even with tor) by inducing you to send via public key requests, even if you are technically only a reciever.
03:49:05dsnrk:for cinnicoin I'm not even sure you'd have to go that far. there's no rate limiting on messages, so you could bomb a node with encrypted emssages and check the response times. long if the node has to decrypt messages, short if it doesn't and fails the hash header.
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15:17:46jtimon:ehmm, what is sugarpuff talking about here? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=88208.msg7490047#msg7490047
17:28:10maaku:sugarpuff seems to be allergic to actually learning how bitcoin works
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19:12:34jtimon:no, he has answered to that already: he has no alregies ;)
19:13:04sipa:who is sugarpuff?
19:13:54jtimon:the guy explaining what "utxo" would mean to bitcoin in that bitcointalk thread
19:14:47jtimon:well, I think he is trolling the anti-outsource mining thread too
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22:44:51maaku:incredibly good news, Sel4 is being open-sourced : http://sel4.systems/
22:47:51maaku:I have a long list of projects I would like to have done on Sel4, but never got around to doing because obscure licensed operating systems suck
22:50:15gmaxwell:I know that for the proven l4 stuff the proofs are about 200k lines to prove correct about 8kloc of C... I wonder how big the sel4 proofs are.
22:51:24sipa:thankfully, C source code can always be written on 1 line
22:53:00maaku:sipa: :)