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20:30:16Emcy:>In the short term, miners can stop their bandwidth being used for block chain uploads by blocking inbound connections on port 8333 or using the -nolisten flag. The next version will have a checkbox in the GUI for it. But that means the node won’t contribute to the p2p network at all.
20:30:50Emcy:doesnt hearn consider the benefits of rule/relay enforcement?
20:37:10justanotheruser:Emcy: its impossible to enforce some rules
20:48:57Emcy:no, this opinion that not having an open port means your node is exactly zero benefit to the network
20:49:06Emcy:i dont think its true?
20:50:00kazcw:miners that don't relay the txes they're including in a block risk much higher orphan rates
20:50:49kazcw:block propogation rate depends mostly on verification time, verification time depends on whether the sigs were already checked for mempool acceptance
20:51:21Luke-Jr:Emcy: relay rules have no value in "enforcement"
20:52:34Emcy:what? nodes enforce rules on the blocks miner nodes make
21:02:52Luke-Jr:Emcy: not relay rules
21:04:22Emcy:no i mean the (default) relay rules enforce txn rules
21:04:40Emcy:and block rules
21:05:09Emcy:i know you cant enforce relay rules on other nodes (cept by banning clown nodes i suppose)
21:05:57Emcy:hearns blog reads like the only value in running an enforcement node is serving chain data?
21:06:07Emcy:which you dont with closed port
21:51:17gmaxwell:On today's expisode of eveything is broken and we're doomed. http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~yoonguk/papers/kim-isca14.pdf
21:52:38gwillen:gmaxwell: this seems like it would stack beautifully with that java paper about bitflip-induced sandbox breakout
21:53:55Emcy:gmaxwell i thought logical addresses had no relation to physical locations
21:54:09Emcy:hard disks, ssd, ram etc
21:54:55Emcy:or, i thought the rows an columns were abstracted away from the os
21:55:36gwillen:they are to some degree I think
21:55:55gwillen:but you can still just try all of them and see what happens
21:56:32Emcy:well im reading an abstract that tells me im wrong, so i dont know what im asking
21:57:08Emcy:i wonder id ddr4 helps with this
21:57:22Emcy:or that cube stacked memory thing........
21:58:01Emcy:i suppose if this is just now coming out in academia we can assume NSa has been on it for like 5 years
22:00:47Emcy:>Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has called on bitcoin’s core developers to “step up” and create a more open, inclusive and well-defined process for the protocol’s development.
22:01:13Emcy:how about these bitcoin startups start writing fucking cheques and doing stipends then........
23:52:40justanotheruser:How is stake usually ground? By making different tx inside the block you're grinding?