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00:52:31gmaxwell:The basic problem facing the computer industry today is the software
00:52:31gmaxwell:crisis; software cost as a fraction of total system cost has
00:52:32gmaxwell:dramatically increased over the last two decades. It is an odd kind
00:52:32gmaxwell:of crisis, because it is in a sense a crisis caused by good fortune:
00:52:32gmaxwell:decreasing hardware costs have made possible more and more ambitious
00:52:34gmaxwell:projects. Unfortunately, our ambitions greatly exceed our current
00:52:36gmaxwell:programming abilities. There are four fundamental problems: the size
00:52:39gmaxwell:of modern programs, the demands for security, the use of concurrency,
00:52:41gmaxwell:and the need for expandable systems.
00:52:51gmaxwell:(from the Intel iAPX 432 arch manual, published in 1981)
01:01:58Graet:so....nothing changed?
01:03:18GAit:i think we got more tool but not enough awareness yet
01:04:12GAit:also people tend to do short term investments more than longer terms. So, add that feature and collect technical debt as opposed to refactor that ugly piece of ..code.
01:04:53Luke-Jr:hey, at least you can use software you buy after you replace the computer :p
01:05:10Luke-Jr:except in the most absurd cases where you have to pay for maintenance of it
01:08:33Luke-Jr:well, absurd if you had to pay for it initially at least
01:11:03phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, ha
01:35:48Emcy:thats pretty funny
01:36:45Emcy:its pretty interesting subbing to some of the comp.sci groups on olduse.net
01:37:10Emcy:tldr of olduse.net is its live usenet - 30 years from current
01:37:39Emcy:well, there was no comp.sci then actually.....
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04:27:35andytoshi:o.O i had never heard of iAPX 432 until today, then gmaxwell posted that wonderful snippit 4 hours before i was scrolling through the old lwn thread on rust https://lwn.net/Articles/547145/ where it is mentioned
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15:34:20GAit:has someone done any analysis on how much people are using p2sh?