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16:08:29gmaxwell:andytoshi: do we have a way to patch up missing spots in the logs?
16:08:58andytoshi:sigh... my server has a new trick where -only- the logbot server goes down (which is also my ssh gateway, so i need a phone home to fix it).. i've added a separate gateway so i can at least restart it on my own, and i cleared out my debug.log as a voodoo fix
16:09:09sipa:i have plenty of logs
16:09:15sipa:at least from all the time i've been here
16:09:46andytoshi:gmaxwell: if somebody sends me logs i can patch them in. i'd have to think about how to do it automatically
16:10:09andytoshi:and i should think about having a search eature, etc..
16:11:52andytoshi:sipa: BlueMatt: if you email me a pile of logs at apoelstra@wpsoftware.net, i will patch them in sometime this month
16:13:38sipa:andytoshi: bitcoin.sipa.be/wizardlogs.tgz
16:13:51sipa:it includes the inception of the channel!
16:14:03andytoshi:sipa: wow!
16:14:51gmaxwell:I thought andy's logs had the inception already! :)
16:15:41andytoshi:they have petertodd's first appearance
16:16:02andytoshi:(and that isn't patched into the main logs, actually, it's a separate dir)
16:16:19gmaxwell:ah so petertodd joined a few logs late though his join is a better start than (say) mine.
16:16:28gmaxwell:since the funny remark I made when he joined.
16:17:05gmaxwell:technically only _I_ have the log of the inception.
16:17:30andytoshi:weirdly enough, my first join was a few days before petertodd's.. but i went away for several months after that so i don't have logs :)
16:18:17gmaxwell:Not says my log
16:18:41andytoshi:hmm, i just have earlier logs than his then
16:19:00gmaxwell:http://0bin.net/paste/nHFdkMQQVUgnmECN#QZ4FUU9VEIVNLwuNa9zjzNF5X330yMUJ-Q8fnxebKDz < your logs from him begin on that last line
16:19:43andytoshi:oh, you're right, i was a week later. my bad
16:21:00gmaxwell:PT's log start is still the best. :P
16:21:21BlueMatt:I doubt I have any useful log lines, then
16:40:45Eliel_:jtimon: I don't think that's exactly cutting the subsidy. The rules for getting it just change a little. I'd think the expected value of a block stays the same.
16:41:22BlueMatt:gmaxwell: wanna put bitcoin.ninja in topic?
16:42:15gmaxwell:gmaxwell has changed the topic to: This channel is not about short-term Bitcoin development | http://bitcoin.ninja/ | This channel is logged at http://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizards/. For questions about the logs talk to andytoshi.
17:02:55jtimon:Eliel_ well, it is true that miners are getting them as fees anyway, but the value per block wouldn't necessarily stay the same (ie you don't get them in an empty block)
17:03:52Eliel_:the expected average income matters more than each individual block, I don't think it'd matter much as long as there's no significant change there
17:05:17Eliel_:also, I think a very slight increase in the total subsidy would be doable as well. To make it a bit more palatable.
17:06:40Eliel_:since it's just for transaction fee subsidy, even 0.1 bitcoins increase would probably be more than needed
17:07:09zooko:zooko has left #bitcoin-wizards
17:25:11jtimon:well, yeah, the average should be the same in the long run, I don't think increasing the 21 M monetary base (100 M in freicoin's case) is politically feasible
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