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21:08:48andytoshi:gmaxwell: i've written up the output distribution thing https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizardry/brs-arbitrary-output-sizes.txt
21:09:09andytoshi:if anyone who wasn't in the original convo would like to read it and tell me if it's understandable, that'd be awesome
21:11:23gmaxwell:adam3us: ^
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22:38:10Guest6192:I did an analysis of button presses as an entropy source: https://gist.github.com/petertodd/2ec211f86c2cc8ede377
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22:41:28justanotheruser:petertodd: why not use a keyboard? that way even a super expensive mic probably wouldn't be able to comprimise you
22:41:52petertodd:justanotheruser: this is for a hardware wallet with just a single button available
22:42:00petertodd:justanotheruser: I'll let you guess which one :)
22:42:20justanotheruser:makes sense
22:42:40justanotheruser:are you consulting for trezor or something?
22:42:40sipa:what is S?
22:42:52petertodd:my stats math gets a bit hand-wavey, but hey, I've never actually taken stats :)
22:42:55petertodd:sipa: S?
22:43:16sipa:4.7 uS
22:43:33petertodd:justanotheruser: yeah, one of them
22:43:43petertodd:sipa: lol, s/S/s/
22:44:25sipa:in physics, entropy is S iirc
22:44:46sipa:so i was a bit confused witgout reading in detail :)
22:45:53petertodd:sipa: heh, I swear, everytime I publish something I make at least one dumb mistake... it's almost like I'm unconsciously trying to make distract my audience from the fundemental errors :P
22:52:33petertodd:justanotheruser: oh yeah, and just to be clear, the project in question is getting that advice for free, and my usual contract doesn't give clients exclusive rights to IP anyway, nor confidentiality
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