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04:09:16maaku:gmaxwell: so it occured to me that the OWAS scheme prevents covenants
04:09:22maaku:not sure if that is a plus or a minus
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05:28:01maaku:gmaxwell: no, nevermind -- you could still have certain forms of covenants, clearly
05:28:14maaku:just the ones that remain stable/valid as you add & reorder inputs and outputs
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15:15:46nell:WOAH bitcoin over dial tones!
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21:45:38Eliel_:gmaxwell: I got the idea from that text just fine.
21:45:49Eliel_:(the ring signature text)
21:47:28Eliel_:I needed to scratch my head for a while before I understood why the receiver of a transfer can only spend one from all the outputs.
21:48:22Eliel_:It's pretty simple, but would probably help if it was spelled out directly.
22:28:53andytoshi:Eliel_: is "that text" https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizardry/brs-arbitrary-output-sizes.txt ?
22:29:10Eliel_:andytoshi: yes that
22:29:11andytoshi:i'll add some clarification on that point, i agree it's nonobvious
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22:33:40andytoshi:Eliel_: ok, i've replaced the "
22:33:43andytoshi:Double-spending is prevented..." paragraph
22:36:27tacotime:Is there somewhere the COERCE algorithm is described in detail?
22:37:31andytoshi:tacotime: a simple example would be "use the number as the x-coordinate for the EC point, and take the upper y-coordinate"
22:37:41andytoshi:i should probably put that in as an example..
22:38:31tacotime:Oh, okay
22:42:47Eliel_:andytoshi: umm, what I was after was a simple answer to the question "why can't the receiver of output spend the ghost outputs too?".
22:47:02andytoshi:Eliel_: oh, ok. i've gotta run, i'll fix that in an hour or two....i'll think about what a simple answer might look like in the meantime :)
23:49:44paavo:Anyone know how to restore android wallet keys on an iphone?
23:49:50paavo:Is that possible?
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