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05:36:07Luke-Jr:the moment when you finish being careful to keep private keys memlock'd, and then realise your crypto library doesn't. sigh. x.x
05:38:28phantomcircuit: [19:34:54] miners can influence that at no cost to themselves. (pratically, there might be a cost)
05:38:49phantomcircuit:the cost is searching less than the full nonce space and thus having to push new work to the chip more frequently
05:39:05phantomcircuit:which is insignificant for higher difficulty levels
05:39:55Luke-Jr:you mean not insignificant?
05:40:29phantomcircuit:Luke-Jr, no i meant what i typed
05:40:45phantomcircuit:it should be trivial to keep the chips busy if they almost never find a result
05:41:13Luke-Jr:how often they find results is unrelated to the effort requires to keep them busy
05:41:36phantomcircuit:not if they share bus bandwidth (as nearly all current designs do)
05:41:58phantomcircuit:not to mention bugs related to finding two valid nonces in the same work
05:42:23Luke-Jr:well, that's another matter
05:42:49Luke-Jr:and who would have bugs like that? it happens often!
05:43:04phantomcircuit: [06:33:51] meanwhile, I'm busily deleting posts on the Spondoolies-Tech thread in the mining subforum because yet another crazy asshole is responding to every poster who says anything positive about Spondoolies and accuses them of being a jew. :-/
05:43:32phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, accept your jewishness
05:43:34phantomcircuit:embrace it
05:43:39phantomcircuit:defeat the troll
05:44:42phantomcircuit:Luke-Jr, what's the fastest single chip?
05:45:16phantomcircuit:(and no cointerras 4 dies on one package doesn't count)
05:47:35phantomcircuit:well lets just say that it's cointerras monsteosity
05:47:39phantomcircuit:which i spelled wrong
05:48:16phantomcircuit:480 Gh/s/chip
05:48:44phantomcircuit:that's 1 work every 9ms
05:48:48phantomcircuit:which should be trivial
12:05:48gmaxwell:BlueMatt: you should make RelayNodeClient get the mempool of the local node on connect.
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19:29:51cookiemonster:what do you guys about open assets?
19:31:50adam3us:something to do with one of the color coin variants?
19:34:39kanzure:at minimum i think they picked a poor name, they should have stuck with coinprism.com
19:37:31cookiemonster:do you guys think it's superior to chromawallet's EPOBC?
20:00:10cookiemonster:are there any java clients for bitmessage?
20:27:35adam3us:kanzure i think open assets is something to do with coinprism (not a diff project)? as i recall there is a link from coinprism to openassets
20:29:17cookiemonster:really i thought it was cross compatible and coinprism was the only web client using it atm.
20:30:22pigeons:they hope it to be interoperable with other "colored coins" implementations. On the bitcoinx mailing list it was discussed and maybe on other implementation says they will use it, but they ignored the defects killerstorm and folks pointed out and chose to run with it anyway so last i saw there was someting tiny keeping it incompatible with "colored coins"
20:30:51pigeons:oh actually i think orperelman may be best on that
20:31:17pigeons:but yeah basically it can be interoperable but wont be cause its not so hot
20:34:50kanzure:adam3us: correct; i was just teasing because of their choice of name
20:43:19adam3us:pigeons: i think you want to talk to killerstorm he's the tech guy and been working on color coins for quite a while
20:44:52adam3us:pigeons: killerstorm did a ltbc podcast lately; he mentions willingness to support better or other standards that may emerge (including sidechains) in that interview - i think it was with antonopolous
20:58:45adam3us:pigeons: that took a bit of finding http://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/lets-talk-bitcoin-131-a-potent-combination