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03:36:51BlueMatt:gmaxwell: meh, more complication for a tiny case
05:46:06ganfalfthegay:how do bitcoin nodes find each other? why do they not use dhts?
05:46:49dsnrk:ganfalfthegay: not quite the right question for this channel, ask in #bitcoin and I'll be glad to answer.
05:46:58ganfalfthegay:will do
05:47:30gandalfthegay:how do bitcoin nodes find each other? why do they not use dhts?
05:48:08ganfalfthegay:sorry i'm an old man
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09:51:02gmaxwell:BlueMatt: I mentioned it because I noticed that it had a really low hitrate for the first several blocks after starting for me.
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17:02:04BlueMatt:gmaxwell: yea, ive seen that, but too lazy to fix
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22:52:35andytoshi:hypothetically, if i were staring at a consensus bug in bitcoin-ruby, what should i do with it?
22:53:52sipa:not use it?
22:54:21andytoshi:well, what i'm really asking is, are they responsive enough that it's worth my time to tell them?
22:57:05sipa:no idea
22:58:02andytoshi:that's cool, i don't see an email contact but they've got a barely-populated IRC channel
22:58:21gmaxwell:it isn't just bitcoin-ruby to worry about, coinbase apparently uses some fork of it.
22:58:54andytoshi:yeah, that's why i'm not just posting on github..
23:35:43maaku:andytoshi: tell coinbase
23:36:24gmaxwell:in theory this is what bitcoin-security is for, but I dunno if anyone involved in bitcoin-ruby is subscribed.
23:36:59maaku:don't say it publicly anywhere because certain someones will perposefully and recklessly break consensus to prove a point...
23:40:55gmaxwell:seems to not be as disruptive as it could be.