00:50:27BlueMatt:andytoshi: last I checked, coinbase employs (or part-time or something) the author of bitcoin-ruby, so tell them
00:50:44andytoshi:BlueMatt: yup, thx, i have gotten in touch with some bitcoin-ruby developers
00:51:16petertodd:andytoshi: coinbase filters their bitcoin-ruby-using implementation via bitcoin core, so exploiting a consensus bug only is a minor DoS attack
00:52:11andytoshi:that would explain their "drop off the network" behaviour whenever something weird happens..
00:52:31gmaxwell:petertodd: they had it exposed directly to the network at one point, I guess you got them to fix that?
00:52:40BlueMatt:gmaxwell: I think that was a while ago
00:52:55petertodd:gmaxwell: they got forked so many times they learned their lesson I guess
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05:58:53gandalf:super3: will storj implement a decentralized hash table to keep track of nodes?
05:59:20gandalf:or how does storj plan to add redundancy, what happens if all nodes go offline?
06:36:44super3:i don't know if i should be happy or sad i got asked about dhts
06:39:03super3:so, actually yes DHTs are useful because files are hash addressable
06:41:24super3:not directly used in storj, but is inherently useful in the application side to achieve quicker lookups
06:42:28super3:" If a node fails a heartbeat or is unreachable we initiate a network replication process where we take one of the existing copies on network, and transfer it to another."
06:43:17super3:gandalf: that should answer your 2nd question :-P
06:44:06gandalf:ah i see so just a heartbeat method
06:45:48super3:heartbeat is just a seed + file, which gives you a unique hash, more understandable word is just a hash challenge
06:47:20super3:* super3 still feels dirty after the dht question
07:04:18gandalf:lol super3!
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10:37:31mquin:[Global Notice] Coming up this Saturday the 9th in Philadelphia PA, the 5th annual FOSSCON. Check out the speaker schedule at http://fosscon.us/Speakers, and register to attend at http://fosscon.us/Attend.
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11:34:33jgarzik:adam3us, Charles Stross has become notably anti-tech in recent years, for a lot of new tech
11:42:42wumpus:William Gibson also lost most of his interest in (new) tech, his newer books are full of nostalgia, it's almost like science fiction authors age like normal people :)
11:48:28wumpus:though maybe Stross writes science fiction because he's so genuinely scared of tech, and wants to warn people, though he never seemed like an author like that
11:50:34jgarzik:hehe, indeed (RE age)
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14:28:12adam3us:jgarzik: charlie stross from singularitarian to luddite, oh noes. apparently weidai is all focussed on steering the singularity to a human survivable outcome (i presume therefore in a pessimistic sense that he assumes the unsteered one will end badly)
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15:16:25Guest29041:adam3us: yes, weidai would agree (default coarse is end of human race)
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20:42:18Eliel_:Why not use Ripple's consensus algorithm for syncing mempools of bitcoin nodes? It'd obviously be vulnerable to sybil attacks with the current network model but it doesn't seem to me like it'd make things any worse.
20:42:56sipa:there is no need for that
20:43:09sipa:it is fully validated, no need for trust
20:43:22sipa:you can just sync from everyone
20:44:08Eliel_:well, the only time it'd matter is when there's a double spend attempt.
20:44:22Luke-Jr:Eliel_: that's unavoidable
20:44:37Luke-Jr:Eliel_: you're talking about *policy* consensus now. which is a bad thing
20:45:15Eliel_:Luke-Jr: care to open that up a bit? I'm unfamiliar with what policy consensus means.
20:45:35sipa:well i guess you could have something like trusted peers whose mempools overrides yours in case of conflicts
20:45:40Luke-Jr:Eliel_: nodes aren't all supposed to be using the same rules for mempool or mining
20:46:10Luke-Jr:0conf double spending is unavoidable
20:46:31sipa:the bad thing is that people could grow to rely on some (even best effort) degree of consensistency
20:46:55sipa:which then breaks with a new software/node/version
20:47:28Luke-Jr:the fact that it only changes with software is kindof a bug right now IMO
20:48:15Eliel_:Luke-Jr: a lack of modularity you mean. Afterall, policy needs to be software too to be usable with bitcoin.
20:48:24Eliel_:but it could be a separate module
20:48:54Luke-Jr:Eliel_: well, we're slowly adding configurable settings
20:49:21pigeons:yeah isstandard is gone now right in head?
20:49:38pigeons:oh oops
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