00:02:37alferz:im looking for tools similar to gavin's bitcoin-tools python scripts collection. but it seems that is outdated because it doesnt support the current levelDB block index. Are there any other tools available that can parse the entire block chain, including orphaned blocks?
00:36:51amiller:alferz, i've been using github.com/petertodd/python-bitcoinlib
00:39:16alferz:thank you sir
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20:23:12ayansh:hi #bitcoin-wizards, i am using RelayNodeClient.jar, it is connecting to port 8336, should it connect to 8335?
20:24:00ayansh:for public.region.relay.mattcorallo.com?
20:25:50amiller:ayansh, try #bitcoin-dev
20:26:53ayansh:amiller:ok, Thanks.