01:18:45justanotheruser:petertodd: and if we softfork one opcode in then another in, we will need an op_eval within the op_eval?
01:19:28justanotheruser:s/we will/will we
01:37:52fanquake:fanquake has left #bitcoin-wizards
03:27:41ryan-c`web:does anyone have a "stuff is on fire" way to contact Eleuthria?
03:27:56justanot2eruser:justanot2eruser is now known as justanotheruser
03:29:27ryan-c`web:gmaxwell you got anything?
03:32:28ryan-c`web:jgarzik: ?
03:33:06pigeons:he's in #btcguild
03:33:31pigeons:also he replies to pms on bitcointalk forum
03:34:52ryan-c`web:i just messaged him on irc both in chan and pm
03:35:02ryan-c`web:he should be awake right now
03:35:36ryan-c`web:will message him on bitcoin talk
04:03:23ryan-c`web:no response yet
04:04:16dsnrk:ryan-c`web: what's on fire?
04:04:17justanotheruser:just wait lol
04:05:56ryan-c`web:dsnrk: btcguild has stopped including namecoin transactions in merge-mined blocks
04:43:08phantomcircuit:without scripts building a tiny altcoin is actually pretty trivial
04:44:36dsnrk:are you surprised by that?
04:44:54dsnrk:given the volume of them existing, it can't be hard.
04:46:30phantomcircuit:dsnrk, i mean without reusing the bitcoin code base at all
04:49:05dsnrk:oh, sorry
05:11:31jgarzik:phantomcircuit, I smell a tinyc contest... create the smallest possible altcoin
05:12:01jgarzik:smallest, in terms of LOC
05:13:37dsnrk:nah, smallest in terms of bytes
05:14:30dsnrk:make it a real demoscene challenge, an altcoin in 64kb
05:24:07tacotime:there was something on github like this
05:25:27tacotime:i think this one
05:26:27phantomcircuit:tacotime, that's lol huge
05:26:41phantomcircuit:lol he put an http server in it
05:27:03dsnrk:"According to Andreas Antonopolous, we will soon live in a world with millions of altcoins."
05:27:13dsnrk:ass gravy everywhere I look
05:27:39phantomcircuit:he's probably right
05:27:45phantomcircuit:just not altcoins
05:27:59phantomcircuit:more like chains which are not directly monetary
05:28:16dsnrk:that's not what he's talking about though, andreas is just pumping the altcoins he bought into.
05:28:17phantomcircuit:(hint what im doing is not an academic exercise)
05:28:29phantomcircuit:dsnrk, heh probably
05:28:33dsnrk:no, he is.
05:28:39phantomcircuit:he's still right... even if it's on accident
05:29:03dsnrk:well he thinks Peercoin is a good idea.
05:29:25dsnrk:if that gives you some idea of the rampant stupidity coming out of his mouth
05:29:38phantomcircuit:that's PoS right
05:30:03phantomcircuit:i love how easy it is to make fun of pos
05:30:07phantomcircuit:PoS is a POS
05:30:13phantomcircuit:* phantomcircuit is amused
05:30:18dsnrk:yeah. PoS that removed checkpointing and instantly fell to bits
05:30:32phantomcircuit:dsnrk, let me guess
05:30:40phantomcircuit:they then added centralized checkpoints
05:30:52phantomcircuit:solidcoin v14
05:30:56dsnrk:developers signatures are needed to make blocks valid
05:31:09phantomcircuit:dsnrk, all these altcoins are literally just solidcoin
05:31:15phantomcircuit:it's comical as fuck
05:31:24phantomcircuit:realsolid was a truly inovative con artist
05:31:25dsnrk:of course. they don't even pretend to be pump and dump scams anymore
05:31:35phantomcircuit:dudes a genius at scamming people
05:31:57dsnrk:I think blockchain.info do a better con job.
05:31:58tacotime:mcxnow fees
05:32:31tacotime:were realsolid's greatest triumph
05:33:21tacotime:i think they were at 0.65 btc at one point
05:34:47phantomcircuit:tacotime, that shit was hilarious
05:34:52dsnrk:blockchain.info make far more money than that.
05:34:58phantomcircuit:he basically looked at Ripple(tm) and realized what they were doing
05:35:00phantomcircuit:copied it
05:35:05phantomcircuit:but pulled off the scam 100x better
05:35:20phantomcircuit:dsnrk, i think he cleared like 10m on mcxnow
05:35:38phantomcircuit:then disappeared into the wind yet again
05:36:07dsnrk:blockchain.info make a hilarious amount of money from their advertising, and 0.5% of all transfers through their mixer
05:36:30dsnrk:well. 0.5% if people don't untick the donation box
05:36:51dsnrk:and given some Shared Send transactions are hundreds of BTC
05:37:04dsnrk:er, Shared Coin.
05:37:54dsnrk:I should put together some stats about Shared Coin.
05:38:48phantomcircuit:dsnrk, shrug
05:38:58phantomcircuit:they're laundering money
05:39:15phantomcircuit:0.5% for (even wildly incompetent) money laundering is pretty cheap
05:39:51petertodd:phantomcircuit: more like they're dampening money
05:40:00dsnrk:Shared Coin isn't a mixer in any sane way. it's *useless* for any purpose.
05:40:11petertodd:phantomcircuit: ends up on the other slight slightly soggy, and still smelling
05:40:33dsnrk:petertodd: I think it comes out worse. it's a big bullseye that says "I'm trying to hide this!"
05:40:54petertodd:dsnrk: ever left wet clothing around? slightly soggy is worse :P
05:41:03dsnrk:.. and they log the private keys to a text file, so they know the results of every transaction anyway
05:41:27petertodd:pity the zerocash team are practically MIA
05:43:14phantomcircuit:petertodd, just incorporate stealth addresses into the standard client and throw some coinjoin in there
05:44:16petertodd:phantomcircuit: aka dark wallet
05:44:29dsnrk:phantomcircuit: if we can't talk wallet developers into using change addresses or compress pubkeys, what chance does that have?
05:45:21phantomcircuit:dsnrk, im sure if it's implemented in bitcoin core all the other wallet idi^W^W^Wdevs will jump on it
05:45:30phantomcircuit:well except dark wallet... since it's already there
05:45:40petertodd:dsnrk: amir's bugging me to create a formal "Safe Wallet" certification, which would evaluate wallets based on financial and private safety issues
05:45:44dsnrk:I think all the she^H^H^Husers would just keep using blockchain.info.
05:45:59dsnrk:I can't even get Dark Wallet to load.
05:46:14dsnrk:their testnet mode is broken. doesn't give me much faith in it.
05:46:35petertodd:dsnrk: yeah, I really think their focus on usability was a big mistake - should have been a geeky proof-of-concept in python or something
05:47:56dsnrk:not making it a browser extension would have been a good start too
05:48:12petertodd:lots of mistakes there
05:49:00phantomcircuit:petertodd, i cant remember, with stealth addresses, how does a lite client get notified of their existence?
05:49:41ryan-c`web:we need anyone who admins a pool that merge-mines namecoin in #namecoin-poolops to deal with a network issue
05:50:09petertodd:phantomcircuit: you can trade off bandwidth for privacy, as well as have a semi-trusted third-party do the scanning for you
05:50:43phantomcircuit:petertodd, couldn't you just have the sending party leak part of the original stealth address then search for that prefix
05:50:55phantomcircuit:(i seem to recall something about prefixes)
05:51:02ryan-c`web:our mempool has too much stuff in it
05:51:17petertodd:phantomcircuit: leak? that's what it is, a reduction in the k-anonymity set
05:51:24dsnrk:ryan-c`web: restart the node?
05:51:28phantomcircuit:petertodd, ok
05:51:52phantomcircuit:ryan-c`web, you're going to want to be a lot more specific
05:52:02ryan-c`web:dsnrk: yes, but we need all the pools to restart
05:52:06phantomcircuit:i only so very barely care about namecoin
05:52:27ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: so someone decided to make transactions consolidating a bunch of nmc, which total about 100MB
05:52:39dsnrk:oh dear
05:52:55petertodd:ryan-c`web: ha
05:52:59phantomcircuit:ryan-c`web, ... and that's all in the mempool ?
05:53:18ryan-c`web:this has caused the getauxblock api call to lag to hell, which in turn makes merge mining nearly impossible
05:53:41petertodd:nice to see someone finally get screwed over by this silly unlimited size mempool
05:53:48ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: yeah. they did pay fees
05:54:01ryan-c`web:petertodd: well we're going to have to patch that
05:54:15phantomcircuit:18176 namecoin 20 0 1052m 528m 6252 S 100 6.7 1139:13 namecoin/src/namecoind -daemon -blocknotify
05:54:33ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: restarting namecoind should help, but it is unclear for how long.
05:54:44ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: we will have a band aid patch within 24 hours
05:54:50dsnrk:until the user rebroadcasts it I assume
05:55:03dsnrk:my node didn't see that transaction for whatever reason
05:55:04ryan-c`web:dsnrk: that is the "unclear for how long" part
05:55:15ryan-c`web:it's 6200 transactions
05:55:22petertodd:ryan-c`web: just jack up the min fee temporarily
05:55:43ryan-c`web:petertodd: thank you, i am low on sleep, that will work
05:56:19ryan-c`web:petertodd: is that a config option in bitcoind?
05:56:28ryan-c`web:namecoind may not have it due to being old
05:56:35ryan-c`web:but i can probably add it
05:56:36petertodd:ryan-c`web: yeah, dunno about namecoin
05:56:47ryan-c`web:petertodd: what's the option called?
05:57:02petertodd:ryan-c`web: min fee or something? it'd be in the mempool acceptance code
05:58:14ryan-c`web:petertodd: do you know which file?
05:58:19ryan-c`web:it's very late where i am
05:58:32ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: what pool do you have?
05:58:43ryan-c`web:sorry, half asleeep
05:58:53ryan-c`web:cannot word good
05:59:05ryan-c`web:that fails before hacking ability
05:59:35phantomcircuit:ryan-c`web, cloudhashing
05:59:55ryan-c`web:petertodd: i see MinFee in main.cpp but im not sure thats for mempool
06:00:34dsnrk:I assume the problem goes away if somebody just mines the transaction eventually
06:00:56petertodd:ryan-c`web: yeah, that's for the mempool
06:01:04ryan-c`web:dsnrk: > 6200 transations
06:01:12ryan-c`web:dsnrk: needs several hundred blocks
06:02:38ryan-c`web:int64 txMinFee = tx.GetMinFee(1000, true, GMF_RELAY);
06:03:02ryan-c`web:they paid 0.005NMC on a bunch of >16KB transactions
06:03:31ryan-c`web:0.001NMC/KB should kill it
06:04:19ryan-c`web:oh dear, backporting this may be difficult
06:04:38petertodd:ryan-c`web: seriously, this should be a one-line code change...
06:05:02ryan-c`web:petertodd: once i find where to make it
06:05:45ryan-c`web:petertodd: our codebase is crusty
06:09:50ryan-c`web:found the function
06:11:12jwilkins_:jwilkins_ is now known as polyclef
06:16:10ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: want to try a patch?
06:16:33ryan-c`web:you will need to recompile, but there's a one-line bandaid fix
06:27:17ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: edit main.h where it says MIN_RELAY_TX_FEE = 10000 to MIN_RELAY_TX_FEE = 100000
06:29:29ryan-c`web:petertodd: thanks, finally found the equivalent code
06:29:43phantomcircuit:ryan-c`web, cant even get the normal code to build
06:29:56phantomcircuit:/usr/local/include/boost/filesystem/path.hpp:139: undefined reference to `boost::filesystem::path::codecvt()'
06:29:57phantomcircuit:etc etc
06:32:42ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: what distro?
06:33:08ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: did you build from source before?
06:33:29phantomcircuit:ubuntu precise
06:33:34phantomcircuit:and yeah i've built here before
06:33:39ryan-c`web:petertodd: that seems to work
06:33:50ryan-c`web:phantomcircuit: one sec
06:40:50ryanc-web:23:34] phantomcircuit: https://github.com/namecoin/namecoin/tree/namecoinq-release
06:40:58ryanc-web:battery on my phone died
06:43:18phantomcircuit:ryanc-web, im just trying to build namecoind
06:43:39dsnrk:phantomcircuit: builds from master alright for me
06:43:44ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: yeah, build from that repo the namecoinq-release branch
06:43:54ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: cd into src and make from there
06:44:01ryanc-web:make in the root may not work
06:44:15dsnrk:^ I think that's the problem I ran into
06:44:44phantomcircuit:this seems to be working better
06:44:56ryanc-web:it's 2:45am here an i haven't been sleeping well lately due to travel
06:44:59ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: cool
06:45:15ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: enjoy the lack of competition for a while
06:45:22ryanc-web:(assuming it runs)
06:45:28phantomcircuit:spoke too soon
06:45:36ryanc-web:i have my daemon patched and getauxblock is fast again
06:46:15phantomcircuit:ryanc-web, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Q6KvS5mQ
06:47:26phantomcircuit:any ideas?
06:47:34ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: what does git branch say?
06:47:48ryanc-web:also try 'make namecoind'
06:48:26phantomcircuit:git branch says namecoinq-release
06:49:00ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: try git checkout namecoinq
06:49:01ryanc-web:make clean
06:49:04ryanc-web:and make again
06:49:14phantomcircuit:same result
06:49:20ryanc-web:i'm on unubntu 12.04 and it's working for me
06:49:30ryanc-web:let me see what version of the boost package i have
06:50:14ryanc-web:install libboost1.48-all-dev
06:50:31ryanc-web:you're on 1.50 which seems to be having problems
06:50:59ryanc-web:actually i'm not totally sure
06:51:02phantomcircuit:im on 1.46 i think
06:51:14phantomcircuit:yeah i am
06:51:41ryanc-web:can you install 1.48-all-dev?
06:52:40phantomcircuit:ldconfig running now
06:53:01ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: thanks, really appreciate the help
06:54:28ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: i can give you a pgp signed 64bit binary if it still fails to build
06:58:28phantomcircuit:ryanc-web, still broken
06:59:45ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: do you want to try a build from me?
07:04:03phantomcircuit:ryanc-web, no i'll just build it somewhere else
07:04:41dsnrk:tromp__: those responses from CfB.. erk.
07:04:44ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: i am building from a fresh copy of namecoinq-release fwiw and it;s working
07:05:54nsh:y'all uptae?
07:06:49phantomcircuit:ryanc-web, it's because im building with ancient ubuntu
07:08:44ryanc-web:phantomcircuit: i am using the same version
07:09:28phantomcircuit:this system might have some insane libboost version installed
07:11:47phantomcircuit:this has libboost 1.55 installed
07:12:40ryanc-web:thatll break it
07:13:22wumpus:move the boost versions discussion to #-dev please
07:15:20BlueMatt:wumpus/sipa: huh? I see no reason why there is objection over moving two lines back into core.h from core.cpp
07:15:39wumpus:I've mentioned all the reasons in my post
07:15:53BlueMatt:the reason they were moved is I was falling down the rabbit hole and the script library was literally ending up pulling in half of bitcoind
07:15:53wumpus:it's not about those two lines but the general principle
07:16:09BlueMatt:I agree with the principal, but I also dont want to have all of bitcoind in a script library
07:16:20wumpus:also #-dev
07:16:30BlueMatt:oops, somehow thought I had dev selected :)
07:16:31ryanc-web:wumpus: we're not even talking about bitcoin, i requested this conversation be elsewhere already
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