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11:18:22hearn:good afternoon
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19:51:26super3:hey maraoz
19:53:32super3:vitalik just helped me eliminated pregenerated hashes
19:53:45super3:the overhead per chunks just went from 50kb to 128 bytes
19:53:51zooko:Are you guys still hanging out in person?
19:54:10super3:everyone is in atlanta right now
19:54:21zooko:I saw from maraoz's twitter that a bunch of folks got together In Real Life.
19:54:33maraoz:super3: that's awesome
19:55:15maraoz:zooko: yeah we met afk yesterday. are you in ATL?
19:55:22super3:maraoz: im still in shock
19:56:38zooko:maraoz: Alas, no. I'm in Colorado.
19:56:41zooko:Come visit. ☺
19:57:03super3:zooko: we have consensus
19:57:05super3:come here
19:57:23zooko:I would, but my three children have priority votes over me this weekend.
19:57:32zooko:Also there is a Tahoe-LAFS Hack Fest in Colorado this weekend.
19:57:42super3:that would increase the difficulty
19:58:52zooko:Too bad.
19:59:07zooko:Is this triggered by the Southern Bitcoin conference?
20:00:13zooko:Excuse me -- https://LeastAuthority.com daily "standup" meeting beginning now…
20:00:40super3:maraoz: i brought vitalik(ethereum) and bo(bitshares) down from cryptolina, maraoz was visiting, the rest were bitpay guys
20:00:49super3:actually a really decent sized non-meetup
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20:03:30super3:zooko: going to any bitcoin conferences
20:26:26zooko:back from standup.
20:26:32zooko:Hm, I really wish I were there.
20:26:48zooko:There is a bunch of activity around distributed storage, from the cryptocurrency perspective.
20:27:44zooko:Let's see, there's the academic Permacoin project, MaidSafe, StorJ (super3, just raised money in crowd-funding), Vitalik's recent blog post, and IPFS/Filecoin (jbenet).
20:27:47zooko:Am I missing any?
20:28:24zooko:super3: I don't currently have any plans to go to any Bitcoin conferences, but I expect to add such plans to my calendar soon.
20:28:49zooko:Let's see, where are you physically located, primarily, super3?
20:29:04zooko:I think Vitalik is primarily in Toronto, is that right? And I think jbenet is in SFBA.
20:29:21super3:Atlanta for now
20:29:32super3:im pretty much mobile at this point if needed
20:30:47zooko:super3: yeah, it's great that you have funding.
20:30:47super3:been to San Fran, Chicago, Virginia, and North Carolina in the past month
20:31:06super3:i def helps :-P
21:10:46jbenet:hey guys! <3 yep am in SFBA -- we'll have an office in PA or SF (still tbd) but our team will be pretty distributed. (come visit!) -- super3 come to SFBA, it's teeming with great people + solid hackers who care about the future of the internet. bbl irc-walking between mtgs.
21:11:27zooko:Gotta go, but I'd like to figure out how to get all of us decentralized storage hackers to learn more from each other and cooperate more.
21:11:37zooko:All of WE I mean.
21:12:20jbenet:zooko: yes! let's do a pseudo-conf for a weekend, and maybe periodic open +hangouts
21:18:50super3:yes i think it would be good to actually just do invites to all the distributed data people
21:19:00super3:get them all in one place for a weekend for drinking and coding
21:19:43super3:it think its important that some standards are established
21:20:03super3:it would be cool if all the distributed data platforms were interoperable from the start
21:23:41nsh:so, in summation: it's important that standards for distributed data platforms are established centrally? :)
21:25:22jgarzik:frankly, decentralized storage won't get very far without DC identities and DC markets
21:26:50jgarzik:DC storage providers register their payment identities and the identities of the computer(s) providing the resources. Those identities then offer services on a free, automated market to some buyers.
21:27:22jgarzik:index services, higher level redundancy services become buyers in that DC market, and sellers in the higher level DC storage API market
21:28:00jgarzik:Auditors and others may digitally sign attestations of a chosen DC identity of quality or testing
21:28:34jgarzik:the market handles getting you paid, if you are a low level individual leaf storage node
21:29:05super3:nsh: the idea is that data is now "fungible"
21:29:14jgarzik:the market helps storage API providers find leaf nodes with the desired resources, availability, reputation, geolocation
21:29:17nsh:super3, interesting
21:29:36super3:like when they made all the rail lines the same size
21:29:44jgarzik:each level of decentralized storage can be decentralized through the free market
21:29:49super3:so now i can get from point a to point b on the same train
21:30:29super3:i can build whatever train i want, as long as its using the standard track size
21:31:08nsh:i think the track size was established quite early on at binary
21:31:11super3:jgarzik: these methods should only be used as discovery methods and should not be relied on entirely
21:31:45nsh:(it may not be too late to convert to superior ternary system however)
21:32:06jgarzik:Doing business and building APIs through a decentralized market ensures healthy separation and redundancy of various players in the system
21:32:17super3:identities are not needed, just the proper incentives to dissuade attacks
21:32:56jgarzik:An "identity" is just a randomly generated pubkey
21:33:12jgarzik:in a decentralized system
21:33:21jgarzik:see https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Identity_protocol_v1
21:33:21super3:ok fair enough then
21:34:15super3:also looking at using coin age mixed with quality services mixed with pricing
21:34:40super3:so choosing hosting nodes boils down to a cost function
21:34:44jgarzik:all these resources -- in the real world -- have attributes whose monetary value floats in real time
21:35:07jgarzik:let buyers and sellers figure that out. they will do a better job than any one Wizard Behind The Curtain trying to come up with complicated incentives
21:35:21super3:indeed, everything must be on a market
21:35:39super3:the job is simply provide the platform and and the tickers
21:40:12nsh:has anyone ever come across the term mereology?
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