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02:25:09super3:whats new?
02:25:24grubles:beer and stuff
02:25:41grubles:anything groundbreaking with storj?
02:27:21grubles:super3, have you seen BURST
02:27:38super3:just onboarding a few people to help with the prototype, whitepaper is coming along i'm fairly happy with it
02:27:50super3:grubles: yeah most of the storj team was mining burst
02:28:08grubles:hah really
02:28:59super3:yeah i make it a point to investigate or talk to everyone working on decentralized data
02:30:08grubles:right on
02:30:21grubles:<- been involved with bitcoin since 2010
02:30:39super3:* super3 tips wine glass
02:30:42super3:a good year
02:31:00grubles:* grubles adjusts monocle
02:31:13super3:* super3 tips hat
02:31:25grubles:* grubles twirls mustache
02:31:43super3:yeah its fun talking to other people in the space, you get some good feedback
02:32:10grubles:all i know is there are some awesome people in this channel
02:32:53super3:yeah a few people in here have really helped out
02:34:34super3:grubles: have you seen our whitepapers yet?
02:39:41grubles:you know
02:39:43grubles:i have not
02:40:08grubles:i am interested in the project so i should probably take a gander
02:41:11super3:dm me your email and ill invite you to the paper draft
02:41:19super3:feel free to make comments directly on the doc
02:41:46super3:the first one its at http://metadisk.org/metadisk.pdf
02:42:01super3:that just goes over the basics on the application level
02:42:19super3:if you have any questions feel free to ask, i'm around
02:42:48grubles:will do
03:06:41jgarzik:amiller, nothing from dakami in a couple months. Sent a one word poke yesterday ;p
03:17:00super3:hey jgarzik
03:33:20jgarzik:* jgarzik waves
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20:24:11jgarzik:amiller, I'm afraid I don't understand https://github.com/jgarzik/picocoin/pull/30
20:24:32jgarzik:amiller, in master there exists bp_{privkey,pubkey}_{get,set}
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23:57:25gmaxwell:sipa: With respect to sparse blocks on P2P. Consider how its possible to construct random shuffles which only use memory proportional to the output size (not input). We should be able to have an addr2 message that includes a random seed and an amount of data field. Then each peer has a function that tells it which ranges of blocks it should store. If it has storage for more than one range it just keeps the last N ranges its ...
23:57:31gmaxwell:... pseudorandom function selected.
23:57:53gmaxwell:This way the distribution of blocks available in sparse nodes should remain relatively uniform, even though history is always growing.