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20:09:53gmaxwell:A few here might care to be informed, Hal Finney has transcended human form to begin a new (hopefully non-permanently) existance as a popsicle. :-/ http://lists.extropy.org/pipermail/extropy-chat/2014-August/082585.html
20:15:31helo:thanks gmaxwell
20:19:17nsh:* nsh laments
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23:09:54gmaxwell:So the point I've made about the monero/bcn block size control mechenism where burning coin doesn't result in closed-loop control because people can pay out of band...
23:10:31gmaxwell:Is that trivially fixed by instead saying that if you want to exceede the target size you much increase your POW work in an quadratically related way?
23:59:49andytoshi:curious why quadratic ... but a very interesting idea