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20:35:53ucerron:are there any vulnerabilities on lucre's implementation in open transaction?
20:36:03ucerron:the chaumian cash library?
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20:56:46amiller:ucerron, yes
20:56:49amiller:ucerron, it's not chaumian ecash
20:57:09ucerron:because i believe it's patented right?
20:57:16amiller:the whole point of the lucre implementation is that it tries to get around chaumian patents
20:57:27ucerron:but is it safe?
20:57:35ucerron:safe enough to use?
20:57:36amiller:the patent expired and there's no reason for it anymore
20:57:47amiller:no it's not safe enough to use, if you read the whitepaper included in the lucre repo
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20:58:46amiller:there are easy attacks on anynomity.... the attached whitepaper describes basically 3 stages of techniques, each of which imprves the scenario a little bit
20:58:54ucerron:you saved me a reading thanks. will look for ecash implementations then.
20:59:11amiller:there aren't any, its somethin im working on though
20:59:21jgarzik:amiller, see my earlier message RE dakami bet?
20:59:27jgarzik:still no action
20:59:36amiller:jgarzik, yeah yove got no response from him since them?
21:00:19jgarzik:amiller, nope. Poked him again on August 24.
21:00:56jgarzik:amiller, last email June 4 "working on these logistics"
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