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00:53:36phantomcircuit:amiller, ha
00:58:50gmaxwell:amiller: buring ethylnol vapor off a wet dollar bill?
00:59:10amiller:yeah that's exactly what i thought of first
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21:20:44ben99:hello. hwas someone knowledge on GHOST?
21:22:31ben99:or rather: I have some general question on latencies and distribution of latency-skew. anyone studied this?
21:26:06pigeons:standard procedure is to go ahead and ask the question instead of asking if anyone knows about the general topic
21:27:55ben99:well, it's complicated and I'm not going to write an essay if nobody answers...
21:28:30nsh:funfact: you can re-use your detailed explanation of the problem/query when asking elsewhere
21:28:45nsh:there is very little to lose by asking effectively :)
21:30:03nsh:even if you speak into the wind, a clear and thorough formulation will often facilitate your own understanding
21:30:32ben99:ok, I'll try it this way: the idea of GHOST is to have what they call Subtrees. this should violate principle of global view of block-chains. one crucial problem with block-chains is that all nodes have to act on the same information
21:31:23ben99:if nodes can be thought of as a graph with each edge being a physical distance. then the block-time relates to the distances
21:32:11ben99:I haven't seen any study of this, except the original Lamport paper's and Nick Szabo's essay on advances in distributed security (2005)
21:32:23ben99:but is IMO crucial for scaling block-chains
21:33:20ben99:ethereum proposes to use GHOST, which is flawed
21:35:52nsh:how does the block-time relate to the [physical] distances between nodes?
21:36:40ben99:it takes time for information to travel. block-chain solves problem of creating a universal partial order of events (Lamport's partial order)
21:37:09nsh:that means the period between blocks is bounded from below by propagation delays
21:37:15nsh:but that's always going to be the case
21:37:45ben99:yes. TCP/IP latencies has high variance. for example imagine a broad-cast by radio-waves
21:37:51nsh:what you can do is have multiple overlapping regions of consistency is you want to increase the granularity, but that comes at the cost of increased complexity
21:38:22nsh:*if you
21:39:02nsh:jgarzik, i think, proposed some kind of continuous rolling reorg thing involving directed acyclic graphs but i forget the details
21:39:33ben99:as far as I can see the crucial problem is that block-chains are global
21:40:20ben99:so every node has to confirm all transactions. its exponential scaling by default so to speak
21:41:05nsh:local consensus isn't consensus. delegated confirmation isn't decentralized
21:41:37nsh:there are good reasons for bitcoin forsaking scalability to ensure distributed global consensus
21:41:40ben99:yes. not necessarily in principle
21:42:01ben99:say you had N regions, and each region has its own distributed consensus
21:42:21ben99:kind of a tree consensus
21:42:55ben99:where roots is not one node, but a larger number of nodes (100 e.g.)
21:44:38ben99:what confuses me is that some very smart bitcoin people like some of the ethereum people believe you can do local trees
21:44:59ben99:seems therefore some of this is not well understood
21:47:31nsh:andytoshi, are the logs not google indexed? :/
21:47:44nsh:oh, they're just not hosted on bitcoin.ninja
21:50:03nsh:oh, it was petertodd's idea, not jgarzik's (pardon me, both)
21:50:18nsh:( http://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizards/2013/12/13-12-10.log )
21:53:41gmaxwell:ben99: I don't think the implications of ghost are not really well understood, when the paper came out I was able to come up with some nasty corner cases involving subtree withholding where you could creating tied forks that persisted for a long time with relatively little hashrate. Amiller had proposed ghost like things a couple years prior with the goal of making interblock times closed loop controlled by orphans, but most people ...
21:53:47gmaxwell:... didn't seem to consider it very interesting because driving up to minimum latency is a somewhat obviously centeralization pressure.