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08:52:18amiller:there's a new snark paper on the eprint
08:52:20amiller:http://eprint.iacr.org/2014/718 square span programs with applications to succinct nizk arguments
08:53:08amiller:for boolean circuit snarks, it reduces the size of proofs and verification cost by like, 50%
08:55:07nsh-:what's 'square span'?
08:55:16amiller:previous snarks were based on quadratic span programs
08:55:28amiller:it's a way of encoding circuits as a system of simple equations
08:56:52nsh-:so it eliminates the constant terms in the equation representation of the circuits?
08:56:54amiller:the system of equations then maps easily to some underlying crypto library, like "bilinear groups based on elliptic curves"
08:57:01nsh-:* nsh- nods
08:59:11amiller:anyway, the benefit doesn't seem that practical because the applications i know of all use *quadratic arithmetic programs* which are a related alternative, they aren't based on boolean circuits but on multiplication/addition mod 32 bits or something
09:00:27amiller:i'm pretty sure that's true even for zerocash
09:01:31amiller:it's neat to see lines like this being placed on the first page of mainstream crypto papers.... "Such constructions are at the forefront of privacy-friendly variants of Bitcoin, such as Pinocchio Coin [DFKP13] and Zerocash [BSCG+14]."
09:02:07nsh-:* nsh- nods
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