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09:32:33Eliel:if only there was a sensible way to reward people for validating. I haven't seen any Proof of Validation schemes yet :P
09:34:26moa:people validate because they have an economic incentive to check (self-)ownership
10:11:48spinza:Like the cost of holding cash. It's the cost of the security? Makes sense.
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15:35:36andytoshi:gmaxwell: i think to make the security definition sensible for the boneh-style n-of-m schnorr you need to move the interaction into the sign phase..
15:36:11andytoshi:gmaxwell: consider 2-of-3 with parties A, B, C. A&B run setup to obtain C's key; B&C run setup to obtain A's key; now B has all three keys and can sign whatever he likes
15:36:51andytoshi:whereas for a "one-time signature" e.g. lamport the security def is that only one thing gets signed ... so if the interaction happens in the sign phase we are within bounds of this definition. otherwise we need our own adhoc definition
16:04:52gmaxwell:andytoshi: You've missed something, in the two of three case you do not end up with any party that knows all the keys.
16:05:54andytoshi:gmaxwell: i'm saying if A&B do the setup -and- B&C do the setup, so B is screwing around
16:07:17gmaxwell:You end up with C knowing, say, A's key and B+r where r is a random blinding factor. A also knows r, so they can sign with A-r + B+r. If only one of the players screws around, and does the setup again, he'll get completely unrelated keys, since you can't reuse keys or random factors during setup/.
16:09:30andytoshi:oh, i see, i was doing waay too much in the keygen phase
16:18:34andytoshi:after A&B do the setup, B knows the keys for B and C right?
16:22:20andytoshi:oh, derp, i'm being stupid, i did have the right scheme, i'm just reading it wrong
16:53:48gmaxwell:There is no 'C key' in that scheme.
17:01:42andytoshi:right, i got it. i was doing something stupid to make my life easier generalizing to arbitrary monotone fns
17:02:15andytoshi:("something stupid" being, having all parties actually generate the keys for the absent ones :P)
19:14:42[nsh]:monotone? monotonic, as in without inflexion?
19:19:44andytoshi:[nsh]: a monotone function is one for which any superset of a satisfying input is also a satisfying input
19:19:51andytoshi:(it is a function from a bunch of bits to a single bit)
19:20:12andytoshi:[nsh]: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/pubs/default.aspx?id=68345
19:20:55andytoshi:another term for monotone function is "a circuit made from AND, OR and threshold gates" (this equivalence is the main result of that paper imho, tho they sorta meander and don't draw attention to it)
19:22:11[nsh]:ah, ty
20:28:25Taek42:when calculating the difficulty of a Bitcoin chain, do I sum the target difficulty of each block, or the maximum difficulty that the block could satisfy?
20:30:38gmaxwell:Taek42: You should think about what the differences are and implications, and you'll likely learn something useful!
20:32:00Taek42:alright, thinking out loud. If you used the maximum possible difficulty, it would be possible to wipe the entire history of many blocks with a single block
20:34:14Taek42:at the same time, there doesn't seem to be a point to trying to find a block of higher difficulty at a point you want to reorganize, it seems like it would be better to just keep releasing blocks as you find them
20:34:21Taek42:as it would reduce the variance
20:35:48Taek42:hmm. If you find 2 blocks of difficulty N, it's roughly as difficult as finding 1 block of difficulty 2N.
20:36:18Taek42:If you were to count total possible difficulty of two blocks at difficulty 2N, you'd get a score like 3N
20:36:30Taek42:but it would only represent 2N hashes
20:36:59Taek42:if you count only target difficulty, you have 2N hashes that gets a score of 2N
20:38:23helo:if blocks came out on average every 10 minutes as expected, the difficulty shouldn't change (duh myself)
20:39:03helo:if you summed up the "seeming" difficulty, the chain would appear to be more difficult than the difficulty is set at
20:39:26Taek42:The overflow gives you free apparent difficulty, but doesn't that overflow apply to everyone? Aren't honest miners going to have the same amount of overflow as difficult miners?
20:39:32Taek42:*dishonest miners
20:41:04helo:yeah, the distribution will be the same unless there is a dishonest miner that is for some reason only publishing their "really low" blocks
20:42:12helo:if the target difficulty is used, then that kind of behavior doesn't make a bit of difference (aside from depriving themselves of the block reward)
20:44:55Taek42:if the dishonest miners are only publishing really low blocks, how does that help them? To get a low block to publish, you have to be mining on the main chain
20:45:21Taek42:I guess finding a high block means they have a head start on causing a fork
20:45:47Taek42:if they wait until they have a 1/16th likely high block, chances are low that the next few blocks will pass the value of their single high block
20:46:08Taek42:and so they can keep it to themselves and cause a bunch of stale mining.
20:46:20Taek42:so I guess that solves the mystery.
20:47:56helo:right, it could make history rewriting easier
20:50:37Taek42:I don't think it would make rewriting easier except in the case where you are rewriting from where the main chain currently is. It would make a 50% attack easier though if you could use the technique to cause more stale mining.
21:04:55andytoshi:gmaxwell: i think this is correct: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=814935.msg9117075#msg9117075
21:14:24gmaxwell:andytoshi: I believe iwilcox's page specifically covers that case.
21:26:12andytoshi:ah, i found it, i'll respond
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23:05:31gmaxwell:petertodd: do you have someplace a good post (e.g. on bitcoin talk) talking over various security options for off-chain transactions?
23:06:15gmaxwell:ah okay, found the post I was thinking of.
23:21:24[nsh]:bitcointalk down for me
23:21:39Taek42:up here
23:24:59moa:gmaxwell: petertodd : was there any progress on 'Trustbits' or any similar chaum-blinded, nLockTime, fidelity-bonded off-chain TX solution?
23:25:42moa:be interested to see that ... even if it is just scraps of random code or etc on github or somewhere?
23:34:14[nsh]:(turns out bitcointalk.org had ended up in my hostsfile as a place to avoid. take from that what you will...)