00:27:21amiller_:anyone have any explanation for how taint analysis actually works?
00:27:24amiller_:i can't figure out how it's calculated
00:27:42amiller_:i guess i basically mean blockchain.info's implementation since that's the only readily available one
00:29:52amiller_:hearn has a redlisting proposal but i can't find any of the details about how it's calculated so i'm not sure what the proposal actually is
00:34:09Emcy:amiller_ if you specifically mean bc.i then i think theyre pulling it out of their ass
00:34:30amiller_:found a paper but it really sheds no light on this https://www.wi.uni-muenster.de/sites/default/files/public/department/itsecurity/mbc13/mbc13-moeser-paper.pdf
00:34:38Emcy:otherwise its just graphing and statistical analysis rite
00:35:09amiller_:there's a "deviation" but it isn't standard
00:39:23tacotime:their algos are open source i though
00:40:56amiller_:tacotime, link?
00:40:59amiller_:how to find?
00:44:46tacotime:there used to be one to the source code form bc.i, lemme see if i can find it
00:55:14midnightmagic:amiller_: I was always under the impression that it was a literal proportionality of the present funds. I have no idea how they're pathing though.
00:56:14amiller_:taint is shit
01:01:31gmaxwell:it seemed to be mostly jibberish when I tried to figure it out before.
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04:14:42trap_exit:hi, what is sugested reading material for (1) why has bitcoin confirmoation times not hit < 10 miunutes and (2) why have none of the existing anonymize-bitcoin-transactions protocols not been impelmented ?
04:35:31andytoshi:trap_exit: for (1) i'm not sure what you mean, see some commentary in https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/alts.pdf for breaking changes, for (2) see https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/29471/is-there-any-true-anonymous-cryptocurrencies
04:35:49andytoshi:trap_exit: there is a lot of work going on, there's just a lot of it and very few qualified people
04:36:39trap_exit:andytoshi: what do you mean by vew few qualified people?
04:36:48trap_exit:isn't the number of crypto researchers rather large?
04:37:31andytoshi:trap_exit: yes, but the number of bitcoin researchers who also have experience implementing things is very small
04:37:32Luke-Jr:trap_exit: research doesn't help implementation
05:11:00trap_exit:so basically
05:11:03trap_exit:all the theoretical results are done
05:11:08trap_exit:but no one has figured out how to impelment them
05:12:35Luke-Jr:trap_exit: no one has *actually* implemented them, is more like it
05:13:09trap_exit:because they are impractical, or why ?
05:14:24Luke-Jr:because people have limited time?
05:14:35Luke-Jr:and anonymity is not that interesting?
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05:49:46andytoshi:i am interested in it. not enough to find the time for it i guess ... but that's a pretty high bar for interestingness these days..
05:55:00Luke-Jr:andytoshi: I meant relative to other things ;)
05:57:34andytoshi:i'm not sure interestingness is the right metric ... eg i spent like an hour today just feeding myself and i didn't find it interesting at all
05:57:40andytoshi:but i still didn't spend any time on anonymity
05:58:43Luke-Jr:I guess I should actually eat, eh
05:58:53sipa:food is highly overrated
05:59:19sipa:humanity survived for millenia without restaurants
05:59:41Luke-Jr:sipa: I suspect that increases the time spent dealing with it
06:03:04fluffypony:andytoshi: easy solution...hire someone to feed you whilst you work
06:06:36gmaxwell:IV total nutrition for the win.
06:06:46Luke-Jr:gmaxwell wins
06:59:21Adlai:didn't soylent open source their recipe?
07:03:18gmaxwell:soylent? meh, more evidence that bitcoin-wizards came up with every fad internet idea first, http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=204612 :P
07:04:11gwillen:seems likely you weren't first either ;-)
07:04:27fluffypony:Adlai: yes, and sadly it isn't people
07:04:55BlueMatt:* BlueMatt prefers the amazon fresh route
07:05:18BlueMatt:expensive, but totally worth the feeling of having dumb shit show up the next morning
07:31:42jtimon:I watched green soylent recently, great film
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08:14:22Adlai:for laughs, watch the trailer, which gives away the twist (in case somebody had been living in a cave for the past decades)
08:30:37wumpus:in a cave, or not born yet /me feels old for knowing that film, I saw it when quite young on German tv, I was shocked also to realize not all sci fi was about space ships, aliens, and happy future societies
08:32:19Luke-Jr:I saw it a few years ago
08:34:15wumpus:(Germans always dub movies, so I didn't know for a long time that it was an American movie not a German one)
08:36:55phantomcircuit:wumpus, germans dub everything
08:37:15phantomcircuit:effectively all of american tv...
08:37:33phantomcircuit:watching sponge bob square pants dubbed in german is weird
08:38:54Luke-Jr:it's pretty fun to acquire movies and such, then wait until you've totally forgotten why you chose it before actually watching :P
08:39:02Luke-Jr:side note: "Her" was pretty lame
08:40:03phantomcircuit:Luke-Jr, lol you watched that
08:40:15Luke-Jr:phantomcircuit: it sounded like it might have been better
08:40:20Luke-Jr:from the summaries
08:42:16phantomcircuit:Luke-Jr, movie is obviously terrible from the trailer
08:42:29Luke-Jr:phantomcircuit: I don't watch trailers :p
08:43:07Luke-Jr:it's about a guy who's dumped, gets a girlfriend, realises she's cheating on him, tries to make peace with that fact while keeping her, and then she leaves him
08:44:04phantomcircuit:Luke-Jr, yeah
08:44:17Luke-Jr:* Luke-Jr peers at the one he's watching now have like 8" floppy disks
08:44:30Luke-Jr:* Luke-Jr wonders when "Demon Seed" was made
08:45:17wumpus:back in the 80's at least, ah 1977 even according to wikipedia
08:50:17wumpus:back in those days AIs going rogue wasn't completely cliched yet :)
08:52:59Luke-Jr:shh, don't spoil it
08:53:11Luke-Jr:I hadn't even remembered it was about computers <.<
09:25:50Luke-Jr:this super AI is sure bad at psychology XD
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