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15:12:09Taek:Is there a discussion somewhere on incentive attacks? For example, what happens if someone puts a bribe out for X btc for miners who produce blocks following a particular fork?
16:12:53gmaxwell:Taek: it's been discussed on bitcointalk before several times... I'm not sure what string to best search for, there was also a recent bitcoin-development thread where it came up.
16:15:09gmaxwell:The answer is... today, nothing.. probably also not much in the future; but we're not sure. Those kind of attacks, at least when bitcoin is the only asset being reversed, are only rational for the miners under very short term thinking.. "congrats you got the bitcoin, but have throughly eroded trust in the system". Automatically acting on them requires a fair amount of software sophication that no one has bothered with.
16:16:12gmaxwell:It's one of the reasons I consider pools and hosted mining to be greater risks though, since they transfer control of hashpower to people without the long term investment in the equipment.
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19:26:21hearn:http://eprint.iacr.org/2014/838 - not exactly bitcoin related but still pretty amazing
19:26:32hearn:100x speedup for homomorphic encryption, when a GPU is in use
19:26:45hearn:they used it to build a Bayesian spam filter that operates over encrypted messages
19:26:55hearn:* hearn is suitably impressed
20:05:47gmaxwell:wow, FHE ... actually doing something interesting!
20:16:23hearn:for small messages
20:16:31hearn:but yes - great progress. and scales perfectly as you add GPUs
20:31:07gmaxwell:hearn: sadly, its not the FHE scheme that has the decryptor... the combination of the two gives you program obfscuation; e.g. a program that will only sign certian transactions, from which you cannot extract the embeded private key.
20:31:24gmaxwell:which I think is a task of vaguely similar computational complexity to filtering a small email message.
20:31:51hearn:without iO?
20:31:58hearn:i didn't realise you could build an obfuscator with fhe
20:32:47gmaxwell:input to FHE is no big deal; that just works (give people encrypted zeros and ones to use as inputs. Outputs is the hard part. Google 'candidate indistinguishability obfscuation' ... basically they come up with a decryptor that can decrypt the output of fhe.
20:32:57gmaxwell:(of a particular fhe scheme)
20:33:08gmaxwell:so the composition is obfuscation (hopefully) :)
20:38:50andytoshi:the decryptor was NC^1, and they had an iO candidate for NC^1 ... the FHE was to bootstrap to poly circuits
20:38:53andytoshi:is that what you're talking about?
20:51:15hearn:gmaxwell: my understanding was that iO was not based on FHE exactly but rather this multilinear jigsaw puzzles trick applied to matrix branching programs
20:51:18hearn:or that was the starting point anyway
20:51:29hearn:perhaps it's now FHE applied to matrix programs
20:54:51gmaxwell:what they do is come up with a decryptor for FHE that can work in a very narrow kind of circut (NC) that they can obfscuate.
21:00:42andytoshi:it's the NC obfuscator that uses multilinear jigsaw puzzles ... you are both right :)
21:02:25gmaxwell:oh sorry, sometimes I sound like I'm disagreeing.
21:22:51hearn:ah yes i remember now, the final step where they leverage it up to full blown obfuscation