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08:00:12Luke-Jr:sipa: what should I call it? :/
08:00:25sipa:why do you want to rename it? it processes a block...
08:01:09Luke-Jr:sipa: because the behaviour is not what it has been up until and including 0.9
08:01:25Luke-Jr:and it's changed in a way that makes subtle bugs introduced by that confusion likely
08:01:33sipa:imho the previous behaviour was just buggy - it could return validation failure about other blocks
08:02:24Luke-Jr:actually, it would be nice of submitblock gave a conclusive reject if a parent block was found to be invalid..
08:02:41sipa:you're right that there is a behaviour change, as it now does not report _any_ failure anymore of particular types anymore
08:03:19sipa:but as that couldn't be relied upon anyway, i consider it to have been a bug to return it there in the first place
08:04:40Luke-Jr:was there any case that the invalid state would have been entirely unrelated to the pblock before? I'm not sure there was?
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08:06:54sipa:orphan processing had already a special case to not return status via cvalidationstate
08:07:08sipa:(which was a problem on itself, because it meant no reject messages for those)
08:08:27Luke-Jr:sipa: so you disagree with renaming it at all now? I should just change it back and document it?
08:08:46Luke-Jr:* Luke-Jr thinks it'd be best to rename it just to be safe, but whatever
08:09:00sipa:it won't hurt to rename it, but i have no better suggestions
08:10:59Luke-Jr:safe to assume they are always new? :p
08:14:11Luke-Jr:sipa: btw, kryo_ finally did shut up
10:31:33gandalf:isn't open transactions still subject to require trust on whoever is hosting the server?
11:10:31Eliel:gandalf: if you only use one server, then yes. However, as I've understood it, you can use as many servers as you want and only one of them needs to be trustworthy
11:12:41Eliel:also, I'm not sure if opentransactions does it but it's technically possible to build a system where the system as a whole could be trustworthy even if none of the servers could be trusted, as long as you can trust that not all of them are dishonest in the same way.
11:13:49gandalf:yeah but if all members of the voting pool go offline how can i retrieve my money?
11:13:58gandalf:what if all members of a voting pool are dishonest?
11:15:33Eliel:well, in that case you better make sure you run one of the servers you're using :P
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