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05:45:20gmaxwell:kinda interesting that sergio was surprised by the attack success calculator. I mean, I guess I do think it's surprising too ... which was why I put it up in web form.
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07:25:34gmaxwell:Sounds like the description "atomic cross chain transactions" has now been taken by yet another altcoin pumper :( http://cointelegraph.com/news/112812/atomic-a-decentralized-ledger-for-all-blockchain-based-technology (just a heads up in case you talk about them and encounter confusion)
07:26:50phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, lol @ obviously fake name
07:32:09gwillen:gmaxwell: are they actually doing things, or are they just mkaing up words
07:32:15gwillen:because like ... wtf @ about half of that
07:35:28gmaxwell:certantly not doing much based on that, but enough that it's pressing it up. oh well.
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14:13:52dgenr8:the code sergio posted doesn't actually simulate a random walk. it's actually just an overly complex way of computing the value of .3/.7
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17:03:54cryptokeeper:Happy 6 Year Anniversary to the digital currency Bitcoin & the creator - Satoshi Nakamoto! On the day of Halloween. Spo0ky.
17:33:03fluffypony:cryptokeeper: it's the 3rd of January already?
17:33:19fluffypony:wow time flies, here I thought it was October
17:33:32justanotheruser:fluffypony: whitepaper release was today
17:33:40fluffypony:justanotheruser: I know, I was being facetious ;)
17:36:29Luke-Jr:cryptokeeper: you misspelled All Hallows' Eve :P
17:49:18cryptokeeper:fluffypony; oct 31 was the date the bitcoin whitepaper got published
18:20:47andytoshi:"I have some more questions if you don't mind, because I'm still convinced a messaging scheme like this could be made very secure:
18:21:39helo:interesting scheme
18:21:42justanotheruser:meh, just wait for him to try it then if its insecure you can point out the problems concretely rather than abstractly
18:23:19andytoshi:well, that thread is actually a couple months old (was bumped recently by an unrelated party). but it's frustrating to always see people saying "welll i think i can patch this" instead of stepping back and saying "i need to prove a proper security property that does not depend on specific usecases being avoided"
18:23:41andytoshi:justanotheruser: gmax pointed out a concrete problem, hence the "i'm still convinced it could be made secure" comment
18:24:33justanotheruser:he will modify it quite a bit to avoid that problem which means he will make a new set of problems that require more work by smarter people to find problems with
18:29:45gmaxwell:Yea, the resulting property is "security against review"
18:30:39andytoshi:i'm posting a reply that talks about (a) mixing cryptosystems, (b) using standard/general security properties
19:16:45Taek:Proof of Gateway? lol
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22:08:18BlueMatt:is anyone gonna be at money2020?