00:00:37gandalf:are there any limits to cross chain trading?
00:05:44justanotheruser:gandalf: you mean atomic swaps? theres some sidechain rules here https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Atomic_cross-chain_trading#Opcodes_and_altchain_special_rules
00:06:05gandalf:are there time limitations to two way atomic swapping?
00:06:49justanotheruser:if you want it to be secure
00:08:33gandalf:so 10 minutes? =(
00:08:52gandalf:i saw this post about a blocknet
00:09:02gandalf:someone trying to tokenize this system
00:09:06justanotheruser:lol 10 minutes
00:09:18justanotheruser:IIRC 2 days was proposed
00:10:18gandalf:does it make sense for an OT voting pool to have a mini blockchain?
00:10:20justanotheruser:gandalf: what? Do you want coins disappearing when a large reorg happens?
00:10:34gandalf:not at all
00:11:22justanotheruser:gandalf: I'm not sure a blockchain is the best datastructure when you have a central authority se
00:11:52gandalf:what do you mean central authority i thought voting pools would be decentralized as well
00:11:57gandalf:as in anyone could host them
00:13:54justanotheruser:gandalf: whatever, you want to call it, it is a set of authorities that control funds and I don't think a blockchain is a necessary datastructure. You don't need people to catch up and validate that all their actions were valid or invalid.
00:14:46gandalf:well what if people require trust from them? like refunds?
00:15:01gandalf:meh never mind i guess thsoe would be stored in bitcoin's blockchain
00:17:02justanotheruser:I mean, any person in that voting pool could store all the transactions that they saw chronologically, but those transactions have no effect on where the money goes unless these central authorities decide to have it go there.
00:18:47gandalf:does open transactions allow peer to peer discovery through a dht?
01:57:08gmaxwell:groan: 'but when I was learning algebra, my professor, in an attempt to impress upon us the necessity of checking that certain maps are well-defined, told us the story of a classmate of his who got several years into his Ph.D. thesis before realizing that the maps he was investigating weren't well defined. Horrified, we asked him if this was true. "No" he said, "but that's one lie you'll never forget!"'
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18:09:34andytoshi:is anyone aware of a standard security property for multisignatures?
18:10:03andytoshi:which is not "any of the signers themselves can do anything; existential unforgeability for everyone else"
18:11:40andytoshi:see http://eprint.iacr.org/2002/118 which uses that model
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18:57:13andytoshi:oh, i'm lying, on page 11 it gives a security model ... an adversary is allowed to know every sk except one, and must prove this knowledge (e.g. by revealing the keys to the simulator)
20:47:17devrandom:andytoshi: you don't mean multisig in the bitcoin sense, right?
20:55:31andytoshi:devrandom: sure, bitcoin multisig is an example of a multisignature
20:57:22gmaxwell:Kind of a trivial example since an informal security argument is intutive; but good to have a formalism of it. Though all except one seems to only be thinking of the threshold gate case.
20:59:19andytoshi:well, AND and OR are special cases of threshold gates (k = n and k = 1 respectively) ... though as you've mentioned it is not efficient to think of things this way since AND gates can be done with no interaction
20:59:48andytoshi:moving from a single gate to a circuit is a bit tricky, i'm not sure there is a standard sec property for that
21:04:46Eliel:would the algorithm outlined in that paper allow multisig that's not obviously multisig to an outside observer?
21:08:11andytoshi:Eliel: i think no, it's expected that the verifier knows the list of signers
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