00:52:53lechuga_:this is topic tangential but curious if any1 has experience w/aes key wrap (rfc3394)
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02:35:12OP_NULL:going back to the topic of interesting scripts, 567a53d1ce19ce3d07711885168484439965501536d0d0294c5d46d46c10e53b takes the cake really. it's script manages to break at least 3 commonly used pieces of Bitcoin software that didn't read the wiki properly.
03:18:16kanzure:BlueMatt: https://github.com/TheBlueMatt/bitcoinninja/pull/10
03:45:30Luke-Jr:kanzure: our list of links now gets a link to a list of links? O.o
03:46:44OP_NULL:Luke-Jr: could be worse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lists_of_lists
03:51:53kanzure:Luke-Jr: could be worse https://github.com/jashmenn/bitcoin-reading-list/pull/9
03:54:05kanzure:now it's more like a graph than a list
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04:39:33Luke-Jr:kefkius: unsolicited PMs are bad ettiquitte, and repeating it more than once is spam. don't do it again.
04:41:10kefkius:Err my bad
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04:44:22kefkius:Luke-Jr: I read that you've written some interesting tx scripts. Do you know of a collection of these?
04:45:10kefkius:Just walked right into "the blockchain" as an answer..
04:45:51OP_NULL:it's not like interesting things are hard to find. almost every single transaction is P2PKH, the ones that are left are usually interesting.
04:46:25kefkius:What I mean is: P2SH scripts
04:47:16OP_NULL:only 1679 transactions in the whole history of Bitcoin aren't P2SH/P2PKH/multisig/OP_RETURN/raw pubkey.
04:48:07Luke-Jr:OP_NULL: are you counting testnets?
04:48:12OP_NULL:of P2SH, only 197 have interesting scripts.
04:50:02OP_NULL:Luke-Jr: for testnet3 there are 7063 interesting, 73 interesting redeemed P2SH of a total 2.7M transactions.
04:52:08OP_NULL:interesting is probably over stating it. they're mostly garbage, I haven't seen any yet that make any sense.
05:03:04kefkius:* kefkius discovers that he should parse the chain himself. Thanks all
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07:29:25petertodd:OP_NULL: thanks, but I gotta say I and others have done much better than that tx... for starters there's the time "Satoshi" broke Electrum and bitcoin-ruby in a novel way with transaction 77822fd6663c665104119cb7635352756dfc50da76a92d417ec1a12c518fad69, that also simultaneously included a patch to fix the problem https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=271761.msg2920116#msg2920116
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16:19:42andytoshi:the latter at least is not so interesting to us because it requires a double-use of FHE as well as a fairly expensive matrix representation of circuits
16:20:19andytoshi:fully homomorphic encryption -- encryption which you can correctly add and multiply through
16:22:06andytoshi:also there is this weird property of obfuscation that the non-obfuscator cannot tell exactly what is obfuscated (and "exactly" is really subtle and almost certainly differs IRL from what can be proven) which allows weird protocol violations to go undetected
16:23:15andytoshi:which maybe is fine ... typically they are things like "i can create a weak public key, on purpose, and others won't know unless i tell them, maybe" which obviously does not affect the security of the system since the obfuscating party can only screw himself ... but i don't know how to think about it
16:23:29kanzure:can you point me to an okay thing about obliviousness
16:23:41andytoshi:obliviousness or obfuscation?
16:24:01kanzure:obliviousness (different topic)
16:24:13andytoshi:i haven't read anything about obliviousness unfortunately ... gmaxwell i think has read some oram papers
16:24:59andytoshi:i'll do a quick search through the literature, one sec
16:26:57andytoshi:this was the paper that introduced oblivious ram http://class.ece.iastate.edu/tyagi/cpre681/papers/p431-goldreich.pdf
16:27:52kanzure:oh, RAM plural. huh.
16:28:40andytoshi::P yeah ... best think to do is go to eprint.iacr.org, find a recent paper for "oblivious" and skim the intro for citations
16:29:03kanzure:hmm http://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=12507555907554572729&as_sdt=5,44&sciodt=0,44&hl=en
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21:42:07OP_NULL:petertodd: I didn'
21:42:50OP_NULL:t claim it was the most interesting, it was just something I didn't realise anybody struggled with.
21:51:41OP_NULL:petertodd: the end result is that two block explorers claim the invalid opcode OP_RIGHT is being used in a transaction.
22:07:04nsh:would it be feasible to use an abstracted dynamic-membership multi-party signature system to do mOTR type messaging?
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22:18:48SubCreative:Hey all
23:29:12GnarSith:im working on Silk Road 4: A New Hope
23:30:26Luke-Jr:you should ban illegal items
23:30:32Luke-Jr:probably would solve a lot of problems
23:32:32GnarSith:well yeah but then noone would use it
23:32:49GnarSith:a market niche is what it is
23:35:56GnarSith:thers more efficacious markets for legal items i cant really compete with
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