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01:43:21xuxu:does anyone here use bitcoinj?
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16:14:38kouradas:i made A this dogeraiser and they scammed me. if you can help there is a hefty sum to be made check this post also http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/2mkfvd/dogeraiser_repost/ 6 MILLION DOGECOIN
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19:00:56lechuga_:is a freimarkets impl the sidechains grail?
19:36:50manaka:are there simpler alternatives for two way pegging than sidechains?
19:37:00manaka:like let's say a blockchain less alternative
19:37:17Luke-Jr:manaka: potentially, if the pegs are SNARKs
19:37:34manaka:aren't snarks unfeasible for now?
19:38:09Luke-Jr:probably, just saying
19:38:32Luke-Jr:(depending on what you mean by 'unfeasible'…)
19:38:44lechuga_:wonder y i never saw the freimarkets paper until the funding announcement
19:39:10Luke-Jr:funding announcement?
19:39:27manaka:what about open transactions extending a 2 peg system?
19:39:29lechuga_:the blockstream blog post
19:39:30Luke-Jr:Freimarkets is AFAIK part of BlockStream's umbrella - not sure why there'd be external funding O.o
19:39:53manaka:what are those venture capitaliss getting in return?
19:39:57lechuga_:sorry, didnt mean to imply separate funding
19:42:43Luke-Jr:ah, got it
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21:17:49AdrianG:does blockstream have a revenue model? how they are raising 21M ?
21:19:41phantomcircuit:AdrianG, i believe it's
21:19:45phantomcircuit:build cool things
21:23:56Luke-Jr:phantomcircuit: lol, pretty much
21:24:09Luke-Jr:AdrianG: they're basically trusting us to come up with something I guess
21:29:25AdrianG:lol phantomcircuit
21:29:45AdrianG:I am guessing it was 21M cos there are 21M bitcoins.
21:29:51AdrianG:1 dollar = 1 btc.
21:31:26AdrianG:Luke-Jr: "us", you mean you are on blockstream team also? I didnt know
21:32:28Luke-Jr:AdrianG: yeah
21:35:47Luke-Jr:AdrianG: I'm mainly focussed on mining decentralisation - now I can dedicate more time to getting things rolled out
21:38:50AdrianG:Luke-Jr: thats your part of blocksteam work?
21:57:54go1111111:are folks here familiar with Vitalik's "exponential subjective scoring" idea, where nodes don't just accept the longest fork, but use a rule where if they see a new fork that starts N nodes back, they penalize it by a factor of something like 0.6^N? I have a feeling this doesn't improve security for game theory reasons -- nodes can freely pick which subjective outlook they want to have. has this been formally analyzed?
22:04:13Luke-Jr:well, it obviously makes it difficult (impossible?) for a new node to come to the same conclusions as existing nodes
22:04:20helo:so, a node walks into a room. it sees one chain of length ... yeah what luke said
22:06:11helo:i could make a billion-block chain of very low difficulty, and it would be chosen over the real 330K chain
22:08:00tromp_:choosing between 2 forks should not depend on which you saw first...
22:08:50go1111111:yeah, makes sense.
22:27:27AdrianG:vitalik has wild ideas.
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22:53:48heath:petertodd: typo on the readme
22:54:41heath:hm, i thought i would be less annoying and create a PR for this, but now i don't recall where i saw it :)
22:54:57heath:maybe should have performed the annoying action
22:56:09heath:it's in the readme of python-bitcoinlib, but i guess it isn't a big deal given i can't find it now
23:03:43petertodd:heath: hahahahaha, I think you won the game for least useful bug report :)
23:04:18petertodd:heath: though granted, you could have left out the "on the readme" to make it even less useful...
23:05:24maaku:petertodd: I'm pretty sure I saw a typo in one of your posts on reddit.
23:05:25maaku:can't remember where it was, sorry.
23:05:36maaku:but you should fix that
23:06:37petertodd:maaku: I was about to respond with a joke involving a binary search... but I can't see how to get reddit to tell you how many posts you've made...
23:07:17kanzure:simple, place a bounty on it
23:07:58petertodd:kanzure: ok, for each type you find, log2(n)*1uBTC
23:08:09petertodd:(I'm not very confident...)
23:08:51kanzure:heath: "libary"
23:09:26kanzure:petertodd: https://github.com/petertodd/python-bitcoinlib/commit/f765ce68ac3d424dd7d3ea8c0c7df40722ca7b9c#diff-c47c7c7383225ab55ff591cb59c41e6bR22
23:11:28petertodd:kanzure: done, https://github.com/petertodd/python-bitcoinlib/commit/336dce5b870052ff47058c2cbd16f7b63505f987
23:12:12petertodd:kanzure: now just find one more and you'll get your first micro-bitcoin reward!
23:12:25kanzure:what's really funny is that i'm actually paying heath
23:12:31kanzure:and i'm paying him more than one micro-bitcoin
23:12:38btcdrak:this channel needs a tipbox
23:13:46petertodd:btcdrak: ...implemented by paying each other in coinbase txout probabalistic payments
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23:35:11heath:kanzure: ah, there it is
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23:38:31heath:really, there are rewards with typos?
23:38:50heath:kanzure: i'm pretty sure i can find more
23:39:40heath:i can get you 3 - 4 typo corrections tonight if you want them
23:42:35heath:i like that "typo" is misspelled in the commit :)
23:59:02phantomcircuit:petertodd, what's the proofmarshall stuff?