01:10:53ahmed_:is there any node.js devs here for hire? (only a few lines of code i need doing most likely) bitcoin related.
01:12:17sipa:not here please
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20:20:37azariah4:reading http://www.gwern.net/Self-decrypting%20files and thinking about time-lock puzzles vs trusted agents
20:21:21azariah4:seems it should be possible to take a trusted agent approach and combine it with 2/2 bitcoin multisig to reduce the counterparty risk a bit
20:22:05azariah4:e.g. a web service which helps a user generate a key in JS in their browser, then encrypt its privkey with a password, back that up
20:22:53azariah4:and abstract to the user the creation of a 2/2 multisig P2SH address, which the service would only co-sign spending if time X is in the past
20:23:11azariah4:has anyone done a prototype of that yet?
20:30:25MRL-Relay:[othe] isnt that how greenaddress.it works?
20:50:53azariah4:oh damn, they do have that feature too! thanks!
22:50:15gmaxwell:May be of some minor interest around here; intel has a developer special and is selling xeon-phi cards for under $200. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8648220
23:10:07HM:teraflop of floating point number crunching
23:25:35gmaxwell:really phi's floating point is not the omst interesting part; it has much stronger/wider integer units than AFAIK anything else. E.g. it can do something like 2 trillion 32bit interger multiplies per second.
23:43:42maaku:if only I had the time to play with it :(
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